JJ Lin bids 4.33 million TWD to get a one hour lesson from pianist Lang Lang

Singer-songwriter JJ Lin attended a charity auction event in Shanghai recently. After losing to international super action star Jackie Chan in a bid for Michael Jackson’s glove last time, he won a one hour piano lesson from pianist Lang Lang with a bid of 950 thousand RMB (~4.33 million TWD) at the event. But veteran singer and “God of Singing” Jacky Cheung teased his junior while performing classic hit “Love Is Eternal” (愛是永恆) on stage, “JJ, even if you spend nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars, you still can’t buy this precious moment of Lang Lang playing as my accompaniment.” The crowd immediately laughed out loud upon hearing the “God’s” words.

Since JJ cried of unfairness, Lang Lang decided to generously offer to extend his lesson session by an hour, and the money will be donated to help children with AIDS. At the event, JJ also performed three songs which were: “I Fly Therefore I Am” (我飛故我在), Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, and “Love and Hope” (愛與希望). He also auctioned off his clothing from his “Sixology” album promotions. God of Singing Jacky Cheung auctioned a hundred tickets of his concert tour.

Source: UDN

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