Jerry Yan out, Joseph Chang in for "Fated to Love You" spin-off as Rainie Yang's co-star

Before you guys come up with some sort of catchy name for the hyped Jerry Yan and Rainie Yang pairing like JerRainie or RainJer for the upcoming Fated to Love You spin-off/sequel , you can safely call off those potentially fun plans. The famed male idol's name is no longer attached to new idol drama Drunken to Love You, and will instead be replaced by award-winning Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang of Au Revoir Taipei and Eternal Summer fame, where the cast and crew for the drama begins shooting next month.

With the overwhelming success of 2008's Taiwanese drama Fated, which captivated so many viewers in Taiwan that it received coverage by the international press, it was only a matter of time before a sequel or spin-off would receive the green light by its producers to capitalize on the original's success. And given the current low-ratings climate that has plagued even ratings hitmaker producers SETTV of subsequent successes such as Autumn's Concerto and My Queen, the channel responsible for the original Fated hopes that Drunken can reclaim their ratings winning streak.

Artist rendition of Drunken to Love You ad (not really).

The splash made by the original 2008 drama also propelled lead actor Ethan Ruan into stardom with movie role offerings, and also lead actress Joe Chen Qiao-En into greater fame with additional film opportunities. Ethan's own recent film success and later surprise win from the Golden Horse Awards for best actor has helped the Taiwanese actor garner at least several more movie roles for years to come. The consequence though is that the original actors' venture into film has left a void in the lead roles for the planned spinoff/sequel.

SETTV originally strived to further their bold gamble by trying to snag veteran idol drama actors Jerry Yan and Rainie Yang as replacements for the previous Ethan Ruan-Joe Chen pairing, an unorthodox move and possibly headline-grabbing coup given both Jerry and Rainie's long-time history in idol dramas on rival channels. Since producers were unable to get a lock on Jerry for the lead actor role though, the channel got a nice consolation prize with their newest replacement in prized actor Joseph Chang.

Joseph Chang in Eternal Summer, Rainie Yang in Hi My Sweetheart.

With Rainie's recent Golden Bell Awards win of best actress for her work in Hi My Sweetheart, being paired with an established and well-acclaimed actor such as Joseph Chang is an interesting turn of events. This is because -- coincidentally or not -- it falls in line with Rainie's recent aspirations to transition herself from idol actress to someone to be taken more seriously.

In related news, the current director for Drunken had previously been working on a different drama in mainland China before filming had to be suspended. That drama was called I Have a Date with Spring, which many of you know as the drama that Selina Jen of S.H.E fame was filming before her tragic accident.

Source: UDN

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