Jay Chou’s new show gets off to a shaky start + weekly ratings recap

The highly anticipated “Mr. J Channel” finally made its debut last Saturday night. It scored an average rating of 0.32% and placed 13th overall, which wasn’t all that bad for a show airing on cable. But considering this is Jay Chou we're talking about, the expectations are understandably a little higher. The Cti network quickly came to his defense and said Mr. J Channel has already recuperated its budget by sales of overseas airing rights.

Mr. J Channel have received mixed reviews so far after its first airing. A good part of the show was spent on introducing Jay Chou’s co-hosts – Makeup artist Du Guo Zhang (杜國璋), Japanese actress Eri Otoguro (乙黑繪理), dancers Ice Cream (雪糕) and Xiao Mai (小麥). Some netizens thought the segment, which featured ninjas kidnapping the soon-to-be hosts, was unnecessary while others praised it coinciding with Jay Chou’s signature offbeat humor. Many also felt the show was held together by special guest Show Luo. One even commented, “Minus Show Luo, Ah Du (Guo Zhang), the hour and half show is not watchable at all.

On the bright side, Mr. J beat “Shen Chua Hua Life Show” which aired in the same time slot. It also did better than its predecessor, a rerun of “One Million Star”. Jay Chou is taking the ratings pressure with ease and feels confident about his show. The real challenge will come this week when Mr. J Channel debuts on CTV* and faces off with variety shows from the other three major (free-to-air) networks.

We didn’t forget about the Sunday idol dramas but most viewers seemed to have already. “Zhong Wu Yen” (2.14%) continues its decline even though the drama is still comfortably sitting in first place. Korean drama “Personal Preference” (1.25%) has had a consistent run and remained in second. They were followed by “Endless Love” (0.91%) and “4 Gifts” (0.83%).

All eyes will be on “The Fierce Wife” when it premieres this Friday at 10 pm. The time slot has been dominated by “Rookies’ Diary” since July, but its ratings has recently dropped to a new "low" of 8.01%. It remains to be seen if the “Fierce” Sonia Sui will be able to make a dent in the ratings against “Rookies”, which stars her boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao.

*CTV airs the show one week behind Cti
Source: Chinatimes, Libertytimes, images from Cti, Chinatimes, Nownews

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