Jay Chou stands out in new 'Green Hornet' poster

Jay Chou’s debut Hollywood film ‘The Green Hornet’ has just released its official Chinese poster. Judging by his position in the poster, it’s not hard to see the significance of his character Kato. It seems like all is going well for the Asia superstar lately as ‘The Green Hornet’ only recently just held a test screening in Los Angeles, and scored a 93% approval rating from the audience. Sony Pictures is happy with the overwhelming response and is said to be planning a sequel.

In the latest trailer, Jay Chou shows off more of his English skills, and he has many funny lines with Seth Rogen. For example, when Seth asks why the ‘Green Hornet’ has to use a gas gun, Jay humorously replies: “Because you don’t have any fighting experience!”

At the same time, Jay also has many exciting action scenes; from drifting, to experimenting with cool new weapons, to fighting 3 people at once. There is also one particular scene where he somersaults onto a car and then jumps back onto the ground.

Although some netizens have pointed out that Jay’s hair looks a bit funny and he appears chubbier, many of the audience at the test screening expressed: “I seem to have fallen in love with Jay Chou!”

Source: UDN

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