Jay Chou and his sidekick grandmother say "No!" to smoking

When Jay Chou isn't fighting crime as a detective in "Pandamen" or as a vigilante sidekick in "The Green Hornet", the 31-year-old Taiwanese superstar is doing his part to fight smoking with the help of his own trusty sidekick...his grandmother!

That's correct, Jay has teamed up with his 87-year-old grandmother to shoot a commercial for an anti-smoking campaign, and the singer/actor is doing it free of charge to combat the increasing activity of smoking amongst the youth.

Working with his grandmother wouldn't be the first for the popular entertainer, as Jay's grandmother has made several cameos for his MVs in the past. Yet, collaborating together for a commercial marked a first time for her, which explained why she felt nervous during the shoot. Fortunately though, Jay expressed that the shoot went pretty smoothly, and even stated that his grandmother was able to get her lines off correctly in just three takes as everyone was in smiles once the camera started rolling.

Jay had no qualms in doing the commercial for free, and was more than happy to participate in the anti-smoking campaign once he found out that he could take part in a rare opportunity to work with his own grandmother. It also helps that Jay himself finds smoking disgusting and considers not smoking to be "cool".

Source: Apple Daily

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