Jay Chou expresses anger towards media's criticisms on Mr. J Channel

President Jay Chou is furious with the media regarding their criticisms on his new variety program, “Mr. J Channel”. He vented on his micro-blog, “As long as I’m not number one, you will say that I’ve slipped to the bottom of the pits. Did you guys not understand the lyrics in ‘Superman Can’t Fly’? Please understand it first before criticizing me on anything.”

As his first time hosting, Jay expressed that he would “let the ratings take its course and not get affected by it.” Recent reports have criticized Jay of “using old tricks” and “obtaining ratings by using Lin Chi-Ling’s butt” – a scene from their movie where Jay pushes Lin Chi-Ling on her bottom and the co-hosts joked that he did it on purpose. It has made Jay extremely upset and apologetic towards his guests for being innocently pulled into all this attention. The media also reported that Jay “expressed his affection for Lin Chi-Ling after a drink,” but JVR responded, “It was only to reenact a scene from the movie, it wasn’t a confession of love.”

When asked how he will attempt to save his ratings, Jay said, “Almost all the guests have recorded their segments before the show premiered, so what ratings can I save?” He also responded towards the media, “Everyone works so hard (for the show), what’s all these you’re reporting? Isn’t it better to encourage each other?”

Although Jay transforming into a variety show host has already shocked many, Jay does not forget about thinking up new content for the show even when he’s working outside of Taiwan. JVR expressed, “(We) can’t stop Jay from his interest of becoming a show host.” Jay’s manager Yang Jun-Rong commented, “Not bad, very good. Trying new things; having done it already means success.”

With 0.32% of ratings for the first episode broadcast on the cable channel, CtiTV, it ranked 13th overall, and is the highest rating that the channel has had for the timeslot. JVR expressed, “Jay is working hard as a new host, but the media sets a high standard. Comparing ratings from cable channels to free-to-air networks is very unfair.”

The ratings just came out for this past weekend and unfortunately, Mr. J received a dismal rating of 0.78% for its broadcast on CTV (free-to-air).

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Chinatimes

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