James Wen can’t tell which Bin is which

James Wen and his costars from “The Fierce Wife” attended a press event on the 3rd to introduce their new drama. Unfortunately his on-screen wife Sonia Sui couldn’t be there because she was busy filming a movie. And she’s not the only one with a hectic schedule these days -- Wen is also working on a movie at the time as he is filming the drama. The overworked and fatigued actor has been taking medication to relieve his nasal allergies. He would followed it up by drinking chicken and clam extract to combat drowsiness caused by the medication.

The already dazed James Wen was further confused by the Bin brothers – Xiao Xiao Bin plays his son in the movie, while Mini-Bin plays his nephew in the drama. On days when he's extremely tired, James Wen would even question himself if he has gone to the wrong set. Actress Amanda Chu sympathizes with her costars' busy schedules and usually greets them by asking, "Have (you) had clam extract yet?" She plays the role of Sonia Sui’s distant cousin who eventually disrupt their marriage as the other woman.

Producer Wang Pei Hua pointed out that the actors in “The Fierce Wife” (James Wen, Chris Wang, Patrick Li and Huang Huai Chen) all have single eyelids and great bodies. They will be going up against “Rookies’ Diary” in the same time slot and said the male stars will show their derrières if ratings break 3%. James Wen quickly declined saying, “My behind is very bad. It’s nothing good to see!” (Maybe we should check out “Zoom Hunting” and decide for ourselves…)

This one is "Mini"

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews

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