Jam Hsiao loses his iPad containing 80% of his songs for new album

The worst has happened; Jam Hsiao recently lost his iPad on his flight back to Taiwan, which had 80% of his new songs for his upcoming album in it. And several days ago, some of Jam’s new songs have supposedly surfaced on the web, which is causing a lot of commotion among the fans. Jam’s manager, Summer, explained that they discovered they had swapped iPads with another passenger after taking it out and seeing that it was an European version. They suspect that they must have switched iPads right after putting it through the baggage scanner.

Jam asked on his facebook for the other person to switch their iPads back to its rightful owners because the other person’s iPad is an upper end version that costs NT$20,000 more than his. Since the other person’s iPad is locked, Jam could not find out who its owner is. And Apple advised that he can only master reset the device, but cannot unlock it.

Other than his new songs, Jam’s iPad contains games and photos of him and his cat. Since Jam loves to pose as Michael Jackson, he joked that the other person might think that he/she picked up Michael's iPad upon seeing his photos...or a Michael impersonator for that matter.

Jam Hsiao appeared at the Flora Expo concert last night (Nov 7) and sang a total of 7 songs.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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