Jam Hsiao and Vic Chou are new BFF?

Just yesterday (11th) on his micro-blog, Jam Hsiao proudly announced that his “beloved and handsome Vic Chou” will be his special guest at his very first concert in the Mainland on the 27th (in Beijing). Jam explained that he was about to "die from keeping it a secret" for the longest time since he had to wait for the permit to be approved before he could publicly announce it.

Jam turned into a Vic fan after watching “Meteor Garden” and “Mars”; they met at a charity event earlier this year and immediately became friends. Jam’s manager Summer revealed that the two often chat in “their own language” and keep in touch via texting and blogging, “It’s like they’ve known each other in their previous life.” Furthermore, Jam even has the same birthday has Hanazawa Rui (花澤類, March 30), which is the character that Vic played in “Meteor Garden”, but like the fans say, it’s just a mere coincidence.

Both Jam and Vic have the same interests in playing video games and riding motorcycles; they joked that they should form a group. Being fans of Andy Lau, they originally planned to reenact “A Moment of Romance” for the concert where they would ride on a motorcycle together – with Vic in the front while Jam hugging him from the back. But unfortunately, the Mainland did not approve of the act, so fans won’t be able to see the couple snuck tightly on a motorcycle.

Vic is currently filmingReturning Home (回家)” in Shanghai, but he specifically advised his manager that he must free out the time to be Jam’s special concert guest, making Jam very touched.

In related news, Jam recently accepted his very first movie projectThe Killer Never Kill (殺手歐陽盆栽)” as the lead, which was originally with Vic.

Source: UDN, Chinatimes

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