Jacky Wu and Patty Hou remake A Chinese Ghost Story

Not quite the kind of remake director Wilson Yip is doing, but this one has potential…for laughs that is. The 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival will be holding its own awards ceremony next Saturday. Many stars and filmmakers from all over Asia are expected to attend. From past experiences, the show can get a little dry since many attendees are non-Chinese speakers. Organizers enlisted the help of funnyman Jacky Wu and co-host/translator Patty Hou in hopes to liven up the show.

The two were recently joined by Big Party’s Cong Cong to film a parody for next week's ceremony. They did a remake of the classic Hong Kong movie “A Chinese Ghost Story”. Patty Hou reprised the ghostly role of Nie Xiaoqian, while Jacky Wu will test his viewers’ imagination with Ning Caichen which was originally played by the late Leslie Cheung. Wu couldn't help but joked that he looked more like an official rather than a scholar. Patty Hou, on the other hand, thought he was totally playing a waiter. Cong Cong rounded out the cast playing the vertically challenged Tree Demon.

We’ll have to wait till next week to see the final results, but there seems to be one very important character missing… Who the heck is playing (Taoist priest) Yan Chixia???

(Not too many supporting characters get his own song in a movie:)

Source: UDN, image from Asia Pacific Film Festival, video from qq75970138's Channel

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