Is Barbie Hsu officially a married woman?

Talk about getting things done! Although this is not confirmed yet, numerous news outlets are reporting that Barbie Hsu (Da S) and  Wang Xiao Fei have gotten married on the 16th. The couple has been under intense scrutiny ever since going public with their relationship. Many people previously speculated the wedding would take place next March in the scenic Hainan Island. But it looks like the two couldn’t wait any longer and got hitched at a Marriage Registration Office in Beijing.

As expected, nearly everyone close to Da S was either not available or declining to comment. Her friends said they haven't heard of any news, while Wang’s mother Zhang Lan told the media not to ask her because she is in a meeting. One person who did respond was Dee Hsu’s mother-in-law. She confirmed Da S did return to Taiwan the day before to get her documents, and said it would only be normal for an engaged couple to get married anyway.

According to witness’s account, Da S and Wang only took 15 minutes to complete their marriage registration in the afternoon of the 16th. Around 9 pm, they were spotted at the Beijing Airport for boarding a flight to Shanghai. Da S will return to work on her latest movie “Da Wu Sheng” on the 17th. Regardless of whether the marriage is official, they will still keep reporters busy for the next few months to come. The couple is expected to hold a minimum of three wedding banquets this March in Hainan Island, Taiwan and Beijing.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN, image from Sohu

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