HIM Records to begin negotiating Selina's compensation

After Selina (Jen Chia Hsuan) was transported back to Taipei for treatment, her parents have been updating their blog with her latest condition nearly everyday. They would write about her progress and struggles, but rarely describe the extent of her injuries in detail. HIM Records provided that information for the first time yesterday.

The company confirmed that she suffered burns to 54% of her body, with 41% being third degree and the remaining being second. The burns were spread out in all areas and her legs were the most severely injured. During the first month of treatment, Selina underwent numerous sessions of wound debridement along with two skin graft operations. She suffered from recurring fevers, and because of her allergies to various medications, her temperature had to be lowered by the traditional method of suppressing an ice pack.

Due to the massive area affected by her burns, doctors decided to use skin from her scalp so her hair was shaved off as a result. She was originally scheduled for a third operation on the 19th, but it was delayed because the newly grown skin was too thin. Luckily her legs have been healing better than expected, therefore the surgery was put on hold based on her condition.

Selina has also begun basic rehabilitation that includes pronunciation exercise, moving muscles on her face and the corners of her mouth, breathing practice to improve her lung capacity, opening and closing her palms, as well as stretching and raising her legs. Although she has been trying to eat, she is still relying on a feeding tube to provide sufficient calories and nutrients.

HunanTV, the network which produced “My Date with Spring”, recently submitted an investigation report to the victims’ companies. HIM Records has publicly questioned the integrity of their findings and will soon be meeting with the network to discuss Selina’s compensation. With her recovery expected to take at least one year, she is estimated to lose more than 100 million NTD. However, the more immediate concern would be her mounting medical expenses. The company previously confirmed they have indeed been paying for her hospitals bills.  Despite her absence in upcoming CF's and performances, they are planning to give her a share of the income.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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