Hebe Tien casually ventures inside airport, evades detection like a ninja

As Selina Jen courageously recovers from burn injuries sustained from an on-set accident, and as Ella Chen aims to improve her English skills with plans of studying abroad, it is business as usual for S.H.E's third member Hebe Tien as she flies solo for her own recent solo artist career.

Recently though, Hebe and her assistant were at Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport while on business-related travel, where the Taiwanese singer donned nothing more fancy than regular street clothes. Even with a lack of disguise, nearly everyone in the area did not recognize her celebrity identity and paid little attention to her. Instead, it was Hebe's assistant that attracted more attention from nearby travelers, as the assistant had on a surgical mask and was dressed in a loud multi-colored jacket.

While at the busy Shanghai airport, Hebe appeared in her typical non-heavy make-up look that gave off more of a girl-next-door kind of feeling. To those present at the airport seeing the Taiwanese superstar donning jeans, a black jacket, and a scarf, they fancied her nothing more than some typical passerby. Even in fame, Hebe can blend in a crowd without batting an eye.

Source: NOWnews

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