Goo Hye-sun's "fishy" gift makes Wu Chun happy, slowly picks up some Chinese

Not much attention has been given on the friendly interactions between Wu Chun of Fahrenheit fame and current South Korean co-star Goo Hye-sun for the upcoming Taiwanese adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend. That's a shame too, because Wu Chun and Hye-sun have been getting along quite fine. Take for instance Wu Chun's birthday from over a month ago. As a gift for Wu Chun's 30th birthday, Hye-sun gave her Taiwanese co-star a handmade gift of a beautiful fish sketch.

The Korean celebrity offered the unique gift -- which she worked quite some time on -- to Wu Chun because she heard that the fish was a symbol of Wu Chun's people, to which Wu Chun responded by being moved with the gesture and said to Hye-sun, "It's so beautiful! It's hard to tell that you just used a red ballpoint pen." Hye-sun usually carries around a drawing pad and draws with her red pen wherever she goes.

Furthermore, the Korean actress has picked up some more Chinese phrases, with her favorites such as "Is it there?/Are there any?", "Delicious!", and "Okay, fine!" being said in a cute fashion.  Looks like Hye-sun's enjoying her time in Taiwan.

Source: Apple Daily

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