Golden Horse Best Newcomer Gina Lee gloriously returns to One Million Star

The Golden Horse Best Newcomer Gina Lee Chien-Na (李千娜) gloriously returned to the studio of One Million Star for a recording; the show also prepared a cake to celebrate her birthday. Before stepping into acting, the 26 year old started out as a contestant on the popular singing competition show and finished tenth (season 2). Due to her appearance, Gina had many fans during the competition and a lot of guys would confess to her at the back stage. But after the media exposed her of being already a mother of two kids, Gina felt great pressure and expressed, “At the time, I had really low self-esteem. And I wasn’t able to improve (on singing) in a short period of time.”

Host Matilda Tao once said during the show, “So what if (she) got married and then a divorce after having two kids?” She had always been supportive of Gina; during the recording a few days ago, Matilda emphasized again that Gina just happened to be a mother at a young age, and cheered her on.

Gina specialized in singing in Taiwanese (dialect) during the competition. Although she has yet to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer, she has already been greatly recognized for her acting – winning Golden Horse Best Newcomer for her role in “Juliet”.

Gina was moved to tears during the recent recording.

Watch Gina on Million Singer (with Kang Kang):

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Source: UDN / Video: sugoishow3

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