Golden Donkey gives recognition to the worst in feature films

After months of voting and discussion, the Golden Donkey finally announced its winners. The awards were created by Nownews to recognize the worst of the worst in Chinese movies. Some of its A-list nominees included Andy Lau in “Future X-Cops (未來警察)”, Barbie Hsu in “Adventure of the King (龍鳳店)” and Donnie Yen (for Worst Action) in “14 Blades (錦衣衛)”.

A little-seen movie called “Kingfisher (魚狗)” topped them all by becoming the biggest winner in the inaugural Golden Donkey awards. The film's director Kuang Sheng is best known for his music videos, especially the ones in which he has been accused of plagiarizing. Netizens voted Kingfisher as the Worst Movie, Worst Director and Worst Kiss. After hearing the news, Kuang responded, “I respect their decision, but (I) still hope everyone can watch this movie in detail.”

Other winners included Frankie Gao for Worst Actor and Barbie Hsu for Worst Actress. Gao commented on his win, “This is totally in line with the public’s expectations. It lets Andy Lau lose without regrets!” Surprisingly, there was an upset in Worst Action as “The Treasure Hunter (刺陵)” beat the favourite “14 Blades”. Netizens especially despised a scene in which Jay Chou and  Lin Chi Ling raced across the dessert on his motorcycle.

So…were there other movies that should have made the list? Any movie that was so lame that you wanted your time and money back? Or are you curious enough to watch these “winners” to see how truly awful they are?

Source: Nownews

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