F.T. Island rocking Taiwan on Christmas Day

Korean group F.T. Island has been nominated in the 25th Korea Golden Disk Awards in the category ‘Rock Song of the Year’ for their song ‘Love Love Love’. The popular boyband will also be rocking Taiwan on Christmas Day with 8000 lucky fans, for their ‘Beautiful Journey of F.T. Island – Taipei Concert’

Lead singer Lee Hong Ki earlier appeared on a variety show with rising girl group Rainbow. The host tried to play matchmaker, and made him share a Pepero stick with member Yoon Hye. However, perhaps it was because he was too excited, as he suddenly leaned in towards her face, making it look like a kiss. This then made the shy Yoon Hye feel very embarrassed.

Regarding their upcoming concert, F.T. Island excitedly expressed: “This will be our first time holding a big concert in Taiwan. We hope that our fans will support us till the end!” Fans will also be able to leave comments on their Warner Music website about what performances they would like to see, or which songs they would like to hear, and the 5 members will do their best to grant their wishes.

‘Beautiful Journey of F.T. Island – Taipei Concert’ tickets will be on sale from the 20th of this month.

Check out Lee Hong Ki & Yoon Hye’s ‘kiss’ below:

Source: UDN

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