Fish Leong “returns home” to sing for Rock Records

Despite already signing on with Universal, Fish Leong returns next week to Rock Records to sing for their 30th anniversary concert. Just yesterday, she announced the promotion of her first self-produced album, “No Love Song Without You,” on HitFM. She confessed that the pressure was so great that she was reduced to teeth-grinding in frustration each night, forcing her to wear a mouth-guard to sleep.

In the meantime, Alex To has also announced that he’s performing at Rock Records’ 30th anniversary. After having not performed in Taiwan for over a year, yesterday he rehearsed signature songs “Save the Earth” and “Take it off” as he prepares to impress the crowds.

Check out Fish's latest song "The Things That Love Songs Don't Tell You" (情歌沒有告訴你) here:

Here's the song that inspired her new single:

Source: Appledaily, jazz5708 and FishShad0w's channel

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