First official stills from Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro’s new movie

The highly anticipated movie “武俠 (Wu Xia)” doesn't hit theaters until July 2011, but its A-list stars and director are already enough to make this a must-see for many moviegoers. Wu Xia tells the story of a swordsman (played by Universe Strongest Donnie Yen) living incognito with his wife (Tang Wei) and their two children in a remote village. They become entangled in a bizarre murder case that is being investigated by a martial arts-obsessed detective (Takeshi Kaneshiro). During his investigation, the detective senses a quality about the swordsman that is above all others. His curiosity eventually leads to a deadly battle between the swordsman and the leader of the Seventy-Two Disha group (Jimmy Wang Yu).

Director Peter Chan's previous movie "The Warlords” in 2007 was both critically acclaimed and a box office success (he produced “Bodyguards and Assassins” but didn't direct.) He usually won't work with the same actor more than twice, but said “Takeshi Kaneshiro is an exception. From ‘Perhaps Love’, ‘The Warlords’ to ‘Wu Xia’, he is willing to let go which allows me to help him ‘vanquish’ Takeshi Kaneshiro (the image). The whole process only took 6 days, because by the 7th day of filming, he ran over to me and said, ‘Takeshi Kaneshiro isn't what you want at all, the one you want is (Korean actor) Song Kang Ho!’ I knew at the moment, ‘He now understands!’

On Donnie Yen, Peter Chan hopes to redefine his “unbeatable hero" image with the new film. He said, “I have always wanted to know if Donnie Yen has fears, or knows the feeling of being scared. In this movie, I saw it. He really has moments when he is afraid; he is also human.” Peter Chan invited him to be the martial arts director for Wu Xia after his climatic chase scene in Bodyguards and Assassins left a deep impression.

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Donnie Yen (aka my favorite actor in the universe) recently complained about the box office disappointment over his movie “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen”. The film made tons of money (~150 million RMB) but it wasn’t a Donnie-size hit. Will he redeem himself with Wu Xia (or one of the other 10~20 movies that he has lined up for the next 2 years)? Or has everyone had enough of Donnie already? (noooooooooo........).

Source: Libertytimes, images from Applause Entertainment

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