Ethan Ruan takes home Best Actor at the 47th Golden Horse Awards

Ethan Ruan was the lone Taiwanese representative in the Best Actor category at this year’s Golden Horse Awards. Many thought his chances were slim since he was up against three established mainland actors. He pulled off the upset in the end, and as promised before, he brought along a cardboard cut out of his “Monga” costar Mark Chao on stage to accept the honor.

Ethan Ruan couldn’t hide his excitement while girlfriend Tiffany Hsu looked on in disbelief. Ruan said he had hoped to win the award within 20 years, but was shocked that his dream was being fulfilled today. He thanked his family for their continuing support, as well as his “brothers” from Taichung who were very helpful during the filming of Monga.

Now here is a slight problem: Earlier in the ceremony, host Dee Hsu (Xiao S) told Ethan Ruan that she has supported him all along. She asked him how he would repay her if he won. Ruan responded, “Although I can’t give you my heart, I can give you my body!” However, Dee Hsu immediately felt a coldly gaze coming her way from the direction of Tiffany Hsu. She complained, “Why did you bring your girlfriend to the awards ceremony? It’s such a downer!

With his big win, does it mean we will never see Ethan Ruan in silly idol dramas again?

Source: Appledaily, Nownews, TTV, image and video from the always-excellent gar8513's Channel

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