Ethan Ruan rumored to be starring in “The Flying Guillotine”

28 year-old Ethan Ruan celebrated the biggest win of his career at last week’s Golden Horse Awards. The Best Actor winner hasn’t done any movie or drama since his breakout role in “Monga”. He reportedly turned down over 40 offers, but according to the latest rumors, he will be returning with the action period film “The Flying Guillotine (血滴子)”. Awarding-winning director Peter Chan is set produce this movie, while Su Chao Bin (“Reign of Assassins”) will direct.

Chan praised Ethan Ruan’s performance in Monga back in March, calling it the “Birth of a new star.” In an interview yesterday, he explained, “I’ve already asked Xiao Tian (Ruan) to star in this movie ('Guillotine') nine months ago. Filming was supposed to begin in September, but it has been delayed until after the Chinese New Year. I recognized his potential long ago, and didn’t get him only after he had won the Golden Horse. There is a lot of pressure on casting him, because he turned down many movies to work on mine. I’m producing this one so I'll definitely keep a close eye on it.

Ethan Ruan was reportedly in talks to star in the Stephen Chow-produced “A Chinese Odyssey Part 3”. Some sources said Chow even had his execs called up the actor to offer him a role but he wouldn’t answer. Ruan eventually turned it down saying he didn’t want to do a period film. If the “Guillotine” project takes flight, it would make this quite a sticky situation. His manager refuted the claims and said they have an open communication channel with Stephen Chow. As for the new movie, she confirmed it will be produced by Peter Chan but won’t elaborate further.

In addition to Ethan Ruan, “The Flying Guillotine” is also rumored to be starring Yu Shao Qun, Aarif Lee and Mark Chao. Each of the four rising stars comes with an impressive resume – Yu Shao Qun won Best Newcomer at the Golden Horse for his role in “Forever Enthralled”. The mainland actor will also be starring in the remake of “A Chinese Ghost Story”. Hong Kong-based Aarif Lee debuted as a singer-songwriter and won Best Newcomer at the HKFA for his role in “Echoes of the Rainbow”. His latest film "Bruce Lee, My Brother” has just been released. Mark Chao should be a familiar name after he shot to fame and won the Golden Bell Best Actor with his role in “Black & White”. He is currently filming the movie version of it, and his company said they haven’t been in touch with “Guillotine”.

Now if this sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We’ll just have to wait till they start filming to see who gets hold of this deadly yet stylish weapon.

Source: Appledaily, images from UDN, Sina, video from oOwhateverOo's Channel

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