Epic Poster Ad for Joe Cheng & Amber Kuo's "Channel X"

At least several days ago, SETTV released a pretty epic poster advertisement for its upcoming drama Channel X featuring a bold looking Joe Cheng protecting an anxious looking Amber Kuo from an unknown group of nemeses. The tagline of the poster is epic in its own right, which translates into English as "In order to uncover the truth, what are you willing to sacrifice?"  The poster really looks like it could pass for a movie ad.

Already, this drama is shaping up with a pretty cool action premise that doesn't use the guise of a police thriller, presenting itself instead with an unconventional hero in the form of an anchorman. In fact, the Chinese title of Channel X roughly translates as National Hero, so perhaps that's a clue of what kind of characters to expect from the lead actors.

Whatever the case, this drama probably can't do any worse ratings-wise than the drama it's replacing Zhong Wu Yen, which has been a ratings disappointment by SETTV standards. Or so we hope.

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