Endless Love Episode 13

This episode is sizzling with action!  The truth starts rearing it's ugly head, and the characters begin to deal with the fall out.  And the near falls.


The scene opens with Ming Shou, who has kept a solitary vigil over Rui En. Bi Yun joins him and expresses concern that he needs rest after his overnight watch. Ming Shou refuses rest, and states he will stay by Rui En’s side until she wakes up. Seeing that his mind is made up, Bi Yun leaves to go to work. Rui En wakes not long after Bi Yun leaves and asks after Xin Jie. Ming Shou informs her that Xin Jie is all right, and she must now concentrate on getting better.

In another wing of the hospital, Chairman Song sits. He is resolved. He calls The Witch and asks her to come over. She approaches him, smug, expecting a deal and not expecting the slap in the face she receives. She of course has no idea why she just got smacked, and, flabbergasted, exclaims “You hit me?!?”

Chairman Song lays into her – informing her that her latest scheme caused his most precious daughter to become hurt. She explains that she had no idea that it was his daughter – so, really, she isn’t to blame, right? After all, you know, if it was some other girl who got hit by a car no one would care. (Sadly, as far as the characters in this story are concerned, I think that is true.) As she explains the circumstances that led to Rui En’s accident, the Witch reveals she found Xin Jie and Rui En at Jing Hao’s house. The Chairman doesn’t like this, but before he can ruminate more on the matter, The Witch tells him she is going to take away her daughter. At first this angers the Chairman, but he ultimately sees through her ploy for more money. He scoffs at her attempt and says she will not receive a penny more from him. He throws her out of his office.

Meanwhile, the employees of the Red Sting company are working on a tight deadline. A major project milestone is next week, and some key aspects of the project require Rui En’s input. Rui En is nowhere to be found, so NoQ calls Bi Yun in the hope that she knows what’s keeping Rui En from the office. NoQ is dismayed to learn that Rui En was in a car accident the day before, and is now in the hospital.

At the hospital, Bi Yun has arrived, bearing Rui En a home-cooked meal. The Red String employees burst on scene and immediately start fussing over Rui En. After reassuring themselves that Rui En is not in immediate danger, the staff sheepishly asks her to finish her part of the project. They feel terrible asking her to do this in her condition - but the product they’ve invested so much time and effort will be derailed if Rui En doesn’t finish her part. NoQ is indignant. He scolds his officemates for making such an inconsiderate request and insists that Rui En not return to work.

To the delight of the Red String crew (save NoQ) Rui En agrees to work on her part of the project on her laptop. Mission accomplished, Rui En’s colleagues return to the office. Bi Yun questions Rui En over her decision’s wisdom to work from the hospital - which eventually devolves into a rant about Rui En’s naïveté and poor decisions with regards to Jing Hao.

Rui En counters Bi Yun’s mini-rant with her latest revelation – Jing Hao still loves her. She informs Bi Yun that, according to Xin Jie, Jing Hao has never truly gotten over his last girlfriend, and as further proof, keeps the painting she gave him three years ago. Rui En is happy about this, but the happiness is marred by Jing Hao’s incomprehensible actions and her genuine inability to understand why they can’t be together. Bi Yun listens to her friend. Another piece to the puzzle she has been working on since she helped Ming Shou abduct/rescue Fu Chen has snapped into place.

Speaking of Jing Hao, he’s on a warpath to get even with the Witch. He abducts her in broad daylight like it’s no big deal, and takes her up a very tall building and threatens to throw her down. I can’t help but think that this comes too easily to Jing Hao. Did Brother Koo have him do similar kidnappings back in the day? Threatened with an untimely, and gruesome, demise, the Witch promises to never pull a stunt like that again. Apparently satisfied with that response, Jing Hao lets go and walks off, leaving the Witch to recover and think about her near miss on the roof.

After nearly vanquishing the Witch, Jing Hao then visits his maiden in distress, Rui En. She is fast asleep and unaware that Jing Hao is there. He reaches out for her, but holds himself back. He believes that if he were to remove himself from her life, she would no longer hurt. Even though he still loves her, and wishes to be with her and protect her, he still believes she would be better off without him.

On his way out of the hospital, Jing Hao runs into Bi Yun. Bi Yun stops him and boldly asks whether or not Jing Hao is still in love with Rui En. She goes on to ask whether Jing Hao would still be with Rui En if it weren’t for his father’s supposed death. Jing Hao says it’s pointless to think about what-ifs. He turns to leave, but what Bi Yun says next stops him in his tracks. She says, “What if I said someone wanted to come between you and Rui En, and used your father as a pawn in this game?” Sensing that this is more than just a hypothetical, Jing Hao demands to know who this someone is. Bi Yun holds fast, and insists he answer her question first. He admits, “Other than her, I have never loved anyone. Never.”

Slouching under the weight of this revelation, Bi Yun goes to Rui En’s room. She sees Ming Shou, who has resumed his vigil over Rui En’s bedside. Bi Yun silently apologizes to him for what she has done – told Jing Hao her suspicions about the circumstances surrounding his father’s disappearance for the past three years.

A mighty pissed Jing Hao pays a visit to the Chairman’s home. He confronts the Chairman and accuses him of kidnapping his father and hiding him away for three years for the express purpose of preventing Jing Hao’s marriage to Rui En. The Chairman denies the accusations. He explains that, like everyone else, he originally thought that Fu Chen died. An anonymous good Samaritan picked up Fu Chen and placed him in the old folks home. Only later did Chairman Song discover that Fu Chen had been placed there, but by then it was too late. Jing Hao had left the country with no way of reaching him. Nor did he tell Rui En, for fear that she spend the rest of her life guarding an old man and waiting for a love that would never return. Ok, I think the Chairman has a point here.

Jing Hao is still not satisfied. Why was he not informed of his father’s whereabouts upon his return? The Chairman kinda skirts the issue here, saying that because Jing Hao came back with a girlfriend, he felt like he couldn’t trust Jing Hao not to hurt Rui En. Uhh…that’s not quite equivalent exchange. I’m sorry, but letting someone believe their father is dead is not the same as protecting your daughter from getting her heart broken.

Jing Hao doesn’t believe the Chairman’s story, nor does he believe that the Chairman personally took good care of his father for three years. To prove that he is telling the truth, Chairman Song asks Jing Hao to take him to see Fu Chen. To Jing Hao’s surprise, Fu Chen warmly greets his good friend. Fu Chen relates that he has seen Young Man, Zhi Shu and now Good Friend, so life is all good. To further cement the fact that Chairman Song is the mysterious ‘Good Friend’ who kept Fu Chen company these past three years, Fu Chen says, “Just like before, you must visit me often.”
Jing Hao walks Chairman Song out of his father’s bedroom and into the living room. He still can’t quite wrap his mind around the fact that Chairman Song was telling the truth. The Chairman takes the opportunity to remind Jing Hao just how good he was to Fu Chen – weekly visits, walks, chocolate. Fu Chen also gave the Chairman letters to deliver to Jing Hao but how could he deliver those letters when he didn’t know where Jing Hao was? Overcome with emotion, Jing Hao apologizes to the Chairman for doubting him. The Chairman says that Jing Hao’s apology belongs to Rui En and Fu Chen, not him. Sensing that he has Jing Hao in his pocket, Chairman Song requests Jing Hao stop meeting Rui En. Jing Hao promises he will.
Rui En diligently works on Mitakuye Oyasin. She finishes the product and calls NoQ, excitedly telling him to come over and pick it up.

Li Mama is eating with her son Ming Shou. She asks after Rui En and asks to accompany Ming Shou the next time he visits Rui En. She worries that the accident will leave an ugly scar on Rui En’s beautiful legs. Haha, that is such a mom thing to say.

Called away from lunch by Chairman Song, Ming Shou leaves his mom behind to go to the hospital. The Chairman informs Ming Shou that Jing Hao knows that the Chairman is behind Fu Chen’s disappearance. The matter has resolved itself nicely, but the Chairman is still upset that his name became associated with Fu Chen’s disappearance. Ming Shou remembers a conversation he had with Bi Yun earlier that week, and realizes that Bi Yun went against his wishes and told Jing Hao her suspicions. Ming Shou tells Chairman Song that he is blameless, Bi Yun is the one at fault. They both agree that Rui En needs to stay away from Jing Hao, and it would be best for Rui En to live under the protective custody of her father. Ming Shou leaves to go to Rui En’s apartment in order to pack up her things.
Chairman Song pays a visit to his daughter, revealing that she will move in with him. At first Rui En expresses displeasure at the idea, but backs down after Chairman Song invokes the spirit of her mother.

Likewise, another parent child pair are having a chat. Tong Tong and Bi Yun make plans to visit Rui En later, and are generally having a nice time, when Ming Shou enters announced and begins to yell at Bi Yun (in front of her daughter!!!) for informing Jing Hao of her suspicions. Bi Yun stands up for herself, declaring that Jing Hao has a right to know the truth (dang straight!). What does Ming Shou say in return? A pathetic, ‘didn’t you think about my feelings?’ Seriously dude, this isn’t about you!

Bi Yun says that isn’t the case – she sincerely believes that if Rui En truly love Ming Shou, even if Jing Hao knows the truth, it won’t matter. Rui En will wind up with Ming Shou. Ming Shou looks at her like she is an idiot. He and the audience knows that Rui En doesn’t love him. Bi Yun concludes by saying that it is up to Fate. Ming Shou loses it. “Let Fate decide!” he exclaims, “Fate decided that Jing Hao lose Rui En three years ago! It’s my turn! Wah. Wah. Wah” (I’m paraphrasing here.)

Tong Tong steps in and asks why he is being so fierce, can’t he tell that her mom likes him? Uh-oh, wrong thing to say little girl. Ming Shou is a twisted man, and he will not be able to see that Bi Yun did what she did for the sake of her friend, not for herself. Ming Shou of course thinks that Bi Yun did what she did so she could have Ming Shou to herself, because, after all, that is what Ming Shou would do. Ming Shou throws a tantrum and wreaks havoc upon their apartment. He stalks off to Rui En’s room to pack up her things.
Tong Tong attempts to stop Ming Shou from packing up Rui En’s belongings, but he shoves her aside. He packs Rui En’s clothes and opens up a drawer to find Rui En’s drawings of Jing Hao. He goes berserk and flings the drawings into the air. He fires Bi Yun and says he never wants to see her again. Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to have a grown man destroying your home, with no one there to protect you and your little girl from his incoherent rage? I hope they don’t pair Ming
Shou and Bi Yun together in the end. She deserves better.

In a humorous interlude, NoQ and Xue Li test out Mitakuye Oyasin.  The product works, much to NoQ’s delight.  The product has affirmed what he has secretly believed all this time – Xue Li his true love!  Of course, this is met with some resistance.  NoQ and Jing Hao’s assistance argue loudly over whether NoQ and Xue Li are fated for each other. Jing Hao commands them both to be quiet.

Over in the purple palace, Jing Hao expresses regret over his past actions.  NoQ gets excited and takes this as a signal that Jing Hao is finally seeing the light.  Could it be that Jing Hao choose Rui En over Xin Jie?!?!?!  Jing Hao sadly informs NoQ that some things are simply not meant to be.
Xin Jie tries to visit Rui En at the hospital, but she’s not there.  She finds out that Rui En was discharged, so Xin Jie asks NoQ to tell her where Rui En lives so that she can give Rui En thanks for saving her life.  NoQ isn’t sure that it would be smart to take Xin Jie to Rui En’s house, but he winds up doing so anyway.
Upon arriving at Rui En’s apartment, NoQ and Xin Jie learn that Rui En is not there.  Bi Yun suggests that Rui En is now living with her father.  Xin Jie is about to leave and go to Chairman Song’s, when a picture catches her eye. It’s a drawing of Jing Hao! Xin Jie thinks the drawing is a wedding gift, since she asked Rui En to draw a picture of Jing Hao awhile back. Xin Jie praises Rui En for her good heart, and wonders aloud how she can repay her. NoQ immediately says, “You can return Jing Hao.”    
Bi Yun covers for NoQ’s outburst (something about sharing her happiness with Rui En), and since Xin Jie is so innocent, she believes Bi Yun’s lie. Xin Jie is curious to know why Rui En moved out in the first place.  NoQ says that Rui En lives in this apartment because it is the residence of her former boyfriend, and it is here that she waits for his return.  Xin Jie is amazed at the degree of Rui En’s infatuation, and realizes that she can repay her friend by finding the old boyfriend.  Xin Jie runs to Rui En’s room, perhaps in hopes of finding a clue, and her eyes immediately fall upon the drawings of Jing Hao.  Xin Jie can’t explain away the drawings, and slowly it dawns on her who Rui En’s old boyfriend is – her fiancé, Jing Hao. She runs away in tears.
NoQ is at a loss.  He can feel events spiraling out of control and somehow wants to stem the tide.  Bi Yun, however, welcomes the onslaught.  She warns NoQ to not do anything. “Just let the truth come out.”

Rui En settles into her father’s home.  She finds out that Ming Shou has thrown away her pictures of Jing Hao.  She reveals to Ming Shou that Jing Hao still loves her, but he just think she is lying to herself.

Chairman Song calls the Witch with a moneymaking proposal.  What she has to do to earn the money remains unknown.
Rui En and Jing Hao’s betrayal reverberates through Xin Jie’s being. She thinks of all the memories and secrets she has shared with Rui En.  This whole time, the friendship was a lie! How could she not see it before? 
Xin Jie confronts Rui En. This is a pretty good confrontation, so I’m just going to quote most of it here:

XJ: How can you treat me like this, why did you lie to me? You took me for a fool! I know everything. Everything.
RE:  You found out?
XJ:  Right. …when I told you that Jing Hao never forgot about you, it must’ve made you happy, right? 
RE: No, Xin Jie, let me explain, I meant to tell you the truth the first time we met, but…
XJ: But my mom bullied me. She hit me. You thought I was pitiful, right?
RE: I didn’t have the heart to tell you.
XJ: So you lied to me this whole time! The first time we met, you said we’d be good friends, we’d bare our souls to each other.  I told you everything!  But you?
RE: How could I? Tell you that I’ve been waiting for you fiancé? Say ‘please give him back to me’?
XJ: I would’ve preferred you tell me the truth. Looking back, I was so stupid…getting a job at his company…telling him you’d work hard.  What hard at what? Taking him from me? On the surface you pretend to be my friend, while scheming to steal him from me! Say something!
RE:  pause. Yes.
Rui En attempts to make amends, but the depth and extent of the betrayal is too much for Xin Jie to forgive.  Xin Jie says she will not lose Jing Hao to Rui En.
Rui En is abducted! Jing Hao gets shot! He may or may not die.   

Finally, things are happening!  This episode actually propelled the storyline forward, and for that I am super happy. 

A few things about the episode...
1. Is Chairman Song being truthful about what happened three years ago?  Did events unfold just like he described?  I really want to believe that Rui En's dad isn't a selfish, arrogant man, but given her track-record with men, I'm not entirely convinced by Chairman Song's explanation.  I want to believe him, but...
2. Xin Jie and NoQ might work as a couple.  They are both innocent and naive.  I think this pairing might ultimately proved to be destructive though, as there is no telling what havoc these two would unwittingly unleash upon the world.
3. Bravo to Bi Yun for being one of the few mature adults around here.  I really hope she doesn't wind up with Ming Shou in the end.  He shoved her daughter for crying out loud!
4. And with that, every episode Ming Shou seems to find a new way for me to despise him.
5. I feel super sorry for Xin Jie.

I am skeptical about next week's episode.  This episode had people developing their character arcs (ex. Bi Yun decided to voice the truth instead of keeping silent) and a whole lot of story movement. Instead of building on this forward momentum, it seems like next week's episode will put a stop to it.  I hope I'm wrong, but that preview just looked tacky.

And finally, sorry no captions today.  I've wrestled with writer's block all weekend, so rather than delay posting this recap, I've decided to post it sans captions.  Maybe later on in the week I'll be inspired to come back to this post and throw a few captions up.

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