Endless Love Episode 11

Hey everyone, hope you've had a great week! After the exciting episode 10, and unpredictable preview for this episode, I'm sure you've been curious to see what happens to our favourite characters. Read on to find out!

Episode 11

The episode begins with Min Shou walking quickly through the halls of the hospital. We flash back to his first visit to the nursing home last episode, when he was informed by the security guard that he needed official documents in order to enter. We now see that Min Shou is entering the Chairman’s office, with a black folder in hand. He requests that the Chairman sign some documents, supposedly about “the hospital’s catering systems”. Distracted by a phone call, the Chairman quickly signs the document without much thought.

As Min Shou walks out of the office, he peels off a piece of paper covering the title of the document, revealing that it the document is actually for the nursing home’s catering. Satisfied with his deception, Min Shou then makes his way toward the kitchen to find Bi Yun. He asks her to come to the nursing home, and inspect it’s kitchen ingredients. Bi Yun agrees.

At the nursing home, while Bi Yun is busy inspecting the kitchen, Min Shou is able to sneak around and looks for Jing Hao’s father, Fu Chen.

He finally spots him, and approaches the lonely old man. Through his dementia, Fu Chen mistakenly recognizes Min Shou as his son, Jing Hao. Min Shous decides to go with it, and apologizes for not visiting sooner, as he had been busy. Fu Chen remembers that this was what his “good friend” told him too- that his son was busy working, and that it would be better to stay in a nursing home instead. Of course, Min Shou deduces that this “good friend” is the Chairman himself.
He looks so lonely!
Fu Chen suddenly gets very upset- he has missed his son, and would like to go home. Satisfied with the confirmation that this man is indeed Jing Hao’s father, Min Shou asks for Fu Chen to take a photograph, for which he happily obliges.

Outside the nursing home, Bi Yun gives an distracted Min Shou a quick rundown of the hospital’s kitchen ingredients, noting that nothing is wrong. Min Shou suprises her by asking for secrecy about their visit. Bi Yun is confused, but obliges at Min Shou’s persuasion.

It’s now nighttime. At Jing Hao’s office, his staffers are working late, with a notable exception of Rui En. NoQ passest time by staring dreamily at Jing Hao’s female assistant, Xue Li. His attention towards her evokes the jealousy of the male assistant, who makes a move to trip up NoQ with his chair. Undeterred, NoQ asks Xue Li if she would like him to buy her dinner- causing the two male workers to ask for dinners as well. NoQ has no choice but to grumpily accept. Fortunately for his bank account, Rui En has already gone out for dinner with a friend.

Outside the office, Jing Hao meets Min Shou for a chat. It become apparent to us that this scene is actually an extension of the closing scenes of Episode 10, where Jing Hao and Min Shou had a heated confrontation in the car park.
At the car park, Min Shou begins by mockingly admiring Jing Hao’s new job- quite a change from the street stall, huh? The conversation quickly turns to Rui En- Min Shou angrily asks why, despite his apparent indifference to her, Rui En was hired to be a designer for Jing Hao’s company. Jing Hao informs him that he didn’t pick her personally, and can’t force her to leave simply because she is his ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, it’s his own company, so he can do whatever he wants! Stepping closer, Jing Hao questions Min Shou’s intentions- what is exactly is it that he wants?

 Min Shou’s reply shocks Jing Hao- “Don’t you want to know about your father?” Assuming that Min Shou is bluffing, Jing Hao angrily punches him, and warns him not to kid around about his father. Before Min Shou speeds off, he has one last warning- “If you think I’m joking, don’t come begging to be me in the future!”

As Jing Hao fumes in his car, he receives a fateful message- a picture of his father. Realizing the significance of the situation, Jing Hao races off in his car to catch up to Min Shou, and creates a near accident by suddenly pulling over right in front of him.

Jing Hao is furious, and desperately wants to know of the whereabouts of his father. Rather than responding to his questions, however, and equally furious Min Shou asks him- “Why did you suddenly leave three years ago, leaving the girl that loves you to cry everyday?”

Jing Hao replies that his guilt over his father’s supposed death led him to believe that he was in no shape to look Rui En, and have a happy family.

This causes Min Shou to question- “Do you even love her? - if you do, I’ll wish for your happiness together. But if not, don’t get her hopes up, and break her heart again!”

Through gritted teeth, Jing Hao confirms that he and Rui En will never get back together, which isn’t enough to satisfy Min Shou- he will only return Jing Hao’s father in exchange for Jing Hao agreeing to marry Xu Xin Jie right away. Jing Hao gulps- he knows what he has to do.

Min Shou drives away, thinking back to when Rui En told him that Jing Hao would to anything to get his father back- it turns out that her prediction was correct after all! Min Shou contemplates the situation, and promises himself to give Rui En happiness if she comes back to him.

A dejected Jing Hao is still sitting outside his car, with Min Shou’s words ringing in his head- as long as he marries Xu Xin Jie, he’ll be reunited with his father. He pulls out his phone.

Xu Xin Jie receives the call while she’s eating dinner at a restaurent. It’s Jing Hao, asking her to marry him! (In a completely monotonic voice, which she doesn’t seem to notice).  Obviously, she’s over the moon and accepts. Jing Hao promptly hangs up, thereby completing the most unromantic proposal in the world.
At the restaurant, we see that Xu Xin Jie was not alone- in fact, she was eating dinner with Rui En! Xin Jie excitedly informs Rui En of Jing Hao’s proposal, and her disbelief that this moment has finally come! '
Rui En can’t believe it either, judging by the forlorn expression she has on her face, and manages to choke out a half-hearted “Congratulations”. Oblivious, Xin Jie takes her hands, and asks that as such a good friend, would Rui En be her maid of honour?

Ignoring the request, Rui En excuses herself to go to the bathroom- and doesn’t make it too far before she breaks down in tears, leaning against the wall. Staring at the ring Jing Hao proposed to her with, Rui En flashes back to that moment, and sobs harder, thinking of the important moments in their relationship.

Back at their table, Xin Jie is starts to get worried- Rui En has not been back for a long time! Just as she considers this, Rui En staggers up the stairs. The ever-observant Xin Jie realizes that Rui En has been crying, and comes to the conclusion that after hearing of Xin Jie’s engagement Rui En must have thought of her own broken engagement three years ago. She berates herself for being so ignorant of other people’s feelings, and begs Rui En to tell her who the jerk was that hurt her, so she can go deal with him! Rui En starts saying “His name is..” but doesn’t continue, despite Xin Jie’s protests. She quickly rushes home instead, leaving a forlorn Xin Jie sitting by herself. So close, but so far away!

As NoQ farewells his co-workers and leaves the office, he calls Rui En, concerned that Rui En, she still hasn’t returned. Rui En, walking slowly, tells him not to worry about her, and to return home first. As she continues to walk, we can see that she is quite dazed, and doesn’t seem to have any direction or purpose in her walking.

Soon, we see that Rui En is actually heading towards the office! Walking in just as Jing Hao is about to leave, she confronts him, and asks “You did it on purpose, right?- I was by her side when you proposed to her.” As Jing Hao stares blankly back at her, Rui En steps closer and asks him why he is being so affectionate to Xin Jie in front of her? Getting increasingly frustrated, Rui En starts to cry again and shoves him slightly in an attempt to gain some sort of emotional reaction. It doesn’t work- he replies stoically that it’s because he loves her.

Rui En insists that he’s lying, and she holds up her hand, wearing the ring that he gave her. “Every minute, every second, I’ve been waiting for you to return, don’t you know?” She remembers everything that happened in the past- when he ripped her dress in the alley, when he bought her a lollipop, and most importantly, when he told her she was God’s gift to him- there’s no way he could forget that!

However, this only makes Jing Hao angrier, as he berates her for being so selfish when he has his own problems to deal with. He’s interrupted by Rui En crying that she can’t live without him, and seems momentarily shocked. He then scoffs at her- “If that’s the case, then I know what to do”.
Pulling her closer, he hugs her roughly.

Rui En is momentarily comforted by the gesture, and starts to hug him back. Just as she does, Jing Hao suggests that since Rui En needs him so much, she can become his mistress once he and Xin Jie marry. Rui En’s comfort suddenly turns into horror, as she tries to break free from his grasp.
In a sudden turn of events, Jing Hao pushes Rui En down onto the couch, and starts kissing her forcibly in a disturbing manner, despite her cries.
Was this really necessary?

Somewhere in between all this, and just as things look as if they’ll take a turn for the worse, the two begin to kiss for real- and quite passionately!

When they stop kissing, Jing Hao asks Rui En angrily is she knows what she’s doing- it seems that whatever he does, she still doesn’t hate him! He leaves, but not before telling her again that their lives have nothing in common anymore, and that she should just go to Min Shou. Rui En is left devastated.

As Jing Hao races out to his car and speeds away, he thinks back to Rui En’s heartfelt words, their passionate kiss, and how he wanted to keep kissing her like that forever, since he’ll be losing her soon- he knows he must let her go, even though he really can’t. We finally see some raw emotion from him, as Jing Hao breaks down into tears, thinking of Min Shou’s conditions for his father’s return. In his head, Jing Hao apologizes to Rui En, and begs her to stop loving him.

At the hospital, we see a dazed Rui En wandering around, presumably to find Min Shou. When Min Shou spots her, Rui En mumbles that they- “Xin Jie and Jing Hao” are getting married. Min Shou takes this as an opportunity to hug her, and remind her that she still has him.
Back at Rui En’s house, we see that she is sleeping fitfully while Min Shou watched over her. Bi Yun is shocked to hear of Jing Hao’s sudden proposal but concludes that perhaps it will be a good thing for Rui En, allowing her to start fresh. However, she seems disappointed when Min Shou reassures her that he will be by Rui En’s side.

The next morning, Min Shou is watching over Rui En when Bi Yun comes in to check on them. Seeing that he watched over her all night, she is again disappointed with Min Shou’s attention towards Rui En.

Soon, Rui En wakes up, refreshed. Min Shou tells her not to worry about what happened yesterday. After thanking him for her support, she decides to head to work, to his horror. Does she still want to work for the person that hurt her so much? Rui En argues that she is determined to finish the project, regardless of Jing Hao’s behaviour. Min Shou agrees to let her go reluctantly, but only if she promises him one thing- to completely gives up on Jing Hao. He's pleased when she agrees.

At Xu Xin Jie’s apartment, an enthusiastic Xin Jie tells her manager that Jing Hao proposed to her last night, and she accepted, of course! The manager is none too pleased, and reminds her that Mrs Zhou, Xin Jie’s mother, will never agree to it- isn’t she afraid that her mother will do something crazy?

Apparently not, as Xin Jie confidently states that as long as Jing Hao is beside her, she is no longer afraid of her mother- in fact, she plans to tell her of the engagement today!

Over at Jing Hao’s office, his assistants are busy at work, discussing a new idea. Just as Jing Hao walks in, they notice that Rui En, who is normally early, has not arrived yet. In fact, she hasn’t been answering her phone all morning! Very unsual. Jing Hao seems to feel a little worried.

Just as he walks out, Rui En strolls in to the office, which surprises him. She asks him directly, “You thought I wouldn’t come to work today, right?” Their close confrontation surprises the other staffers, who wonder what they’ve missed. Rui En tells Jing Hao that she has given up on him, and walking away, enthusiastically explains a new idea for the application she had to the staff. Jing Hao watches her, surprised at her quick comeback. He then receives a call form Xin Jie, and agrees to meet her later. Rui En glances back at him as he exits.
I'm back!
We then see Jing Hao walking up the stairs to Xin Jie’s apartment. As he reaches her floor, he is horrified to discover that her home has been broken into. Rushing in, he looks for her, but to no avail. His phone rings, and picking it up, he speaks to Mrs Zhou, who asks menacingly if he is looking for Xin Jie.

Next, we see him rushing to meet Mrs Zhou, who is looking particularly scary today. During their heated argument, she reveals her fury at his proposal to her daughter- he’s only the manager of a small company, so Xin Jie should marry someone far richer than him. In fact, he’s ruining her life by proposing!

Seriously evil.
Jing Hao points out the hypocrisy of this statement, reminding her that it was she who forced Xin Jie into the entertainment industry, disregarding her happiness in pursuit of money. He lividly reminds her that she cannot control Xin Jie’s life. Mrs Zhou retorts that she won’t- as long as she is given NTD 50 milliom, which she will exchange for Xin Jie’s freedom. Making a dramatic exit, she leaves a defeated Jing Hao to consider his options.

Now Jing Hao is at the hospital visiting the gang leader with whom he is associated. He asks to borrow NTD 50 million, surprising the gang leader, who agrees reluctantly upon Jing Hao’s promise of repaying the loan.

He calls Mrs Zhou, and is told where to find Xin Jie. At a grand apartment building, Mrs Zhou, a mob of gangsters, and a very guilty looking manager are waiting for Jing Hao. After handing over the money, he is given the keys to wherever Xin Jie is. The satisfied Mrs Zhou picks up the cheque he drops- 50 million, just as he promised.

When Jing Hao finally finds a panicked Xin Jie, she cries, telling him of her fear that she would never see him again, and tells him how she wouldn’t be able to live without him. In order to calm her down, he agrees to marry her next week. Xin Jie calls her favourite reporter to spill the news, and Jing Hao seems satisfied- he’ll soon be getting his father back.

Xin Jie’s manager is still with Mrs Zhou, and meekly requests that she refrain from forcing herself into Xin Jie’s home and taking her away. Mrs Zhou replies that Xin Jie believes that she can fly away from her mother now, just as her ex-husband left her. She snorts, “Does Liang Jing Hao really think that 50 million is enough to get rid of me?” Cue scary music.

Yeah, you should feel guilty...
Soon, we see Jing Hao ushering a thrilled Xin Jie into his apartment, inviting her to stay, and get away from her mother. She asks him to always protect her, hugs him. “I’ve waited so long for this day!”
Jing Hao seems touched by her happiness, and hugs her back.

Rui En is still hard at work at the office, even while the other staffers are packing up. NoQ asks Rui En why she is working so hard- after all, the two of them are only getting one person’s salary collectively. She replies that she doesn’t have much time left, and she must complete the project before “they” get married. Confused, NoQ wonders who “they” are- and is extremely shocked to hear that Rui En’s referring to Jing Hao and Xin Jie’s impending marriage.

Say what?
At his apartment, Jing Hao is staring at the painting he bought from Rui En three years ago, thinking back to her “red string” ideal, and pivotal moments in their relationship, when he fell in love with her. His constant thoughts of Rui En seem to worry him.

Back to the good old days...

Just as he is contemplating these thoughts, Xin Xin Jie enters, wearing a silky pink bath robe. She approaches him, and hugs him from behind, asking why he always looks at this painting. He doesn’t reply, so she guesses correctly that it must have been painted by his ex-girlfriend, judging by the careful way he bought it from Japan back to Taiwan. Jing Hao is impassive to her comments.

Piggy back time!
Xin Jie continues to speak, telling him that until now, she couldn’t believe that all that has happened between them was real. She’s happy, but afraid that everything will disappear. In a soft voice, she asks “Jing Hao- do you really love me? Do you really want to marry me?

Jing Hao turns around, and blankly states that yes, he would like her to marry him. Hearing this, Xin Jie smiles, and takes off her robe, revealing her body, (while flirty Spanish music plays in the background, no less).

Although Xin Jie attempts to kiss a shocked Jing Hao, he pushes her away, and puts her robe over her bare shoulders. She’s hurt and distraught- and wonders, “Am I not good enough? Or do you not like me?” Again, Jing Hao doesn’t reply, so she concludes that he must still be in love with his ex-girlfriend.

She then catches herself, and apologizes for asking these rude questions. After all, he has already agreed to marry her, she shouldn’t have asked. She just wishes that he were willing to love her. He replies quietly that he will love her well.

The next day, at the office, Jing Hao’s assistants read news of their boss’s engagement, and pleasantly surprised- but a little annoyed that he didn’t bother to inform them. The male assistant is particularly pleased for Xin Jie, remembering how she was always chasing Jing Hao back in Japan.

Big news! 
The assistants put forward the idea of giving the happy couple a red packet to celebrate, but NoQ can no longer stand it. He goes to confront Jing Hao.

In Jing Hao’s office, NoQ asks him directly- why is he marrying Xu Xin Jie? He knows well that Rui En loves him, yet he still chooses Xin Jie! Snobbishly, Jing Hao replies that he has no need to answer him. In frustration, NoQ grabs Jing Hao’s collar and yells at him- he can’t accept that treating Rui En like this!
I'm telling you!

This has no effect on Jing Hao, who pushes NoQ away, and orders him to return to his office- or else, he will force NoQ and Rui En to leave immediately. After all, they are still on a probation period. “Excuse me, Manager!” NoQ yells sarcastically on his way out.

Min Shou is reading the article about Jing Hao’s engagement at the hospital when he receives a call from the man himself. Satisfied that Jing Hao has followed their terms of agreement, Min Shou agrees to return Jing Hao’s father to him immediately.

Upstairs, the Chairman is meeting with Xu Xin Jie and her manager. Xin Jie sincerely apologies for not informing the chairman of her engagement first- after all, she is the ‘spokesperson of the hospital!’ They are surprised to hear that the Chairman supports their engagement, and Xin Jie’s determination toward love. Of course, we know the real reason why he’s so happy.
Xin Jie admits that not everyone is thrilled about the marriage- her mother, for example, is concerned about the influence of marriage on Xin Jie’s career. But they’re getting married next week, so what will her mother do? The Chairman is relieved to see Xin Jie’s determination marry Jing Hao.

Min Shou, goes to see Bi Yun, and asks his faithful minion to accompany him to the nursing home. As they pull up, Min Shou tells her of his plan- she will bring the receptionist a folder of an adjusted menu for the kitchen, and in doing so, distract them for as long as possible. Bi Yun asks an excellent question- why?

Min Shou just tells her that he has something important to sort out, and that she will need to drive the car later. Trusting him, she goes along with the plan. As Bi Yun distracts the receptionist, Min Shou enters through a side door, and grabs a newspaper to hide himself.

Subtle, Min Shou.
As the receptionist leads Bi Yun to the kitchen, Min Shou manages to sneak past security, and enter Liang Fu Chen’s room. Fu Chen, not recognizing him from the last visit, assumes he is a doctor.

Look at all that chocolate!
Min Shou asks if he’d like to return home, and Fu Chen enthusiastically replies yes. Ditching his chocolate (gasp!), the pair sneakily hide and avoid security guards until they reach the stairs, where Min Shou calls Bi Yun to get their getaway car. Bi Yun rushes out , and meets them at the side entrance.

Partners in crime
No, we're going this way!
In the car, Fu Chen sings joyfully, while Bi Yun asks another excellent question- who is this guy, anyway? Min Shou doesn’t reply.

Stopping in an obscure place in the countryside, Min Shou , ever the chivalrous guy, tells Bi Yun to get a taxi driver to take her to the hospital, while he drives off with Fu Chen. At Min Shou’s insistence, she keeps today’s activities a secret, but she’s pretty annoyed at his secrecy.

Jing Hao is discussing the new design deadlines when he receives a call from Min Shou. He suddenly runs out of the office.Meeting in a quiet village, the two have an angry discussion, where Min Sho bides his time before finally showing Jing Hao his father. Jing Hao is heartbroken to hear that his father had been alone in a nursing home three years, and and demands to see his father immediately.

However, before he allows Jing Hao to see his father, Min Shou makes him promise one more thing- that Jing Hao will not tell Rui En that it was he who found his father. Getting more impatient, Jing Hao agrees, and is finally reunited with Fu Chen.

Overcome by emotion, Jing Hao goes to hug his father, who cheerfully asks if he would like some chocolate. Jing Hao is overjoyed. Watching them, Min Shou seems touched, and a little guilty…

Awww! #2

It’s now nighttime, and the Chairman is meeting with Mrs Zhou. She reiterates her plan to prevent Xin Jie and Jing Hao’s marriage, but the Chairman expresses his wishes for her not to- in fact, he’ll literally buy Xin Jie’s future just to prevent this.

Soon, she’s walking out with a cheque in hand. Mrs Zhou realizes that the Chairman must have a good reason for Jing Hao and Xin Jie to marry- enough to fork over NTD 1 billion! Seems like she can’t quite get ride of this little money maker…

Jing Hao brings his father inside his apartment. When he introduces this strange man as his father to Xin Jie, understandably, she’s initially bemused- didn’t he say that his father died?
Fu Chen interrupts their conversation by asking who she is. After Xin Jie politely introduces herself, he realizes that she is not “Zhi Shu” (the name of his deceased ex-wife) and becomes very troubled, looking for Zhi Shu. He becomes agitated, and demands to be taken home immediately. Knowing who lives at his old home, Jing Hao promises his father that they will look for Zhi Shu tomorrow morning, which calms him down. Guess what Jing Hao needs to do now?

Jing Hao goes to visit his old home, where he watches Bi Yun and Tong Tong playing a game through the windows. He stays for a few minutes, then turns to leave, just as Rui En returns home.

Rui En is suprised to see him at her home, and even more surprised to hear that he needs help from her! She coolly reminds him that “their lives no longer are related”, and there probably isn’t much that she can help him with anyway. As she walks past him, Jing Hao is forced to swallow his pride, and stops her in her tracks by announcing that the help concerns his father. Rui En is pretty confused.

Jing Hao reveals, with hints of a genuine smile on his face, that he found his father, and he’s not dead! Rui En is shocked.

It's finally his turn to grovel!
He's genuinely smiling! 

Next episode:
Min Shou proposes to Rui En. Does she finally accept him?
Jing Hao makes Rui En promise she’ll be happy. Xu Xin Jie is taken away by her mother- again. While trying to help her escape, Rui En is hit by a car.


Jing Hao was still incredibly jerk-ish, particularly to Rui En (that horrifying scene!) though we as the audience knows that he does truly love her. Knowing that made his behavior a little easier to bear, but sometimes he takes it a little too far. Will Pan's limited facial expressions were pretty annoying to watch, too.

On the other hand, Rui En's behaviour disappointed me this episode. Her scene with Jing Hao in the office, where she pleads with him to admit he doesn’t love Xin Jie, and remember their past together, completely contradicts what she was saying in the previous episode, about moving on into the future! I know she had recently found out about Jing Hao’s proposal to Xin Jie, but her hypocrisy was a bit of a letdown. However, I’m glad to see that she became stronger as the episode progressed.

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful episode, with too much arguing and fighting for my taste. The preview for the next episode looks pretty promising, though... what do you think?

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