Endless Love Episode 10

Hi everyone! I’m SushiForLushi, and I’m recapping Episode 10 of Endless Love.  With only a few episodes left, the plot is getting pretty exciting! Hope you enjoy it!

Episode 10 Recap

As we know, Episode 9 ended with Rui En confidently telling Jing Hao that she will fight fairly with Xu Xin Jie to win his love back.

This is where Episode 10 begins. As Rui En walks off, Jiang Hao watches her, startled by her sudden outburst. What exactly will she do?

Not happy.
The next day, Jing Hao’s assistants read an online news article about Xu Xin Jie’s confirmation that Jing Hao is her boyfriend. Its apparent that the public approves of her honesty, and that they have given the couple their blessings- this is an unexpectedly positive reaction, which fills the assistants with envy for Jing Hao’s romantic life. Then Jing Hao himself walks in, and has a quick update about their troubles finding designer with his assistants. He then receives a call from Xin Jie, and they agree to meet for dinner that night.

At Rui En’s house, she’s taking down her drawings of Jing Hao, which had been plastered all around the room- true to her word, she isn’t relying on her past with Jing Hao, but looking toward their future. Tong Tong, getting ready for school, asks her mother why Rui En’s “husband” hasn’t visited her yet, and runs off to ask Rui En herself, to her mother’s dismay. They are surprised to see her taking down the precious drawings! Rui En explains that since Jing Hao has come back, she doesn’t need to see the pictures them anymore to remind her of him. Tong Tong innocently tells Rui En not to blame him for not coming to visit her- he’s probably just been busy with work, or something…When Tong Tong leaves, her mother, Bi Yun, asks about what really happened, and Rui En shows her the newspaper, plastered with news of the Jing Hao and Xin Jie’s relationship. Ouch.

Next, Rui En goes to visit Min Shuo at the hospital and they got out for lunch together. There, Min Shou randomly bursts out with his ideas for their married life- first, he’ll buy a house for them, and he’ll cook for her after work...
Rui En tries to tell him what he doesn’t want to hear- “No matter what happens with Liang Jing Hao and Xu Xin Jie’s relationship, I want to chase him. “
Evidently, Min Shou is furious, and storms out of the restaurant. As Rui En catches up with him, she says that she hopes he will forgive her, and if not, he can hit her. “Okay!” yells Min Shuo, who lifts his arm up dramatically to hit her, but is unable to do so. Instead, he begs her to take back what she just said about Jing Hao, and never mention his name again. Rui En apologizes, but she can’t.
Min Sho runs off angrily again, and takes his anger out on a random plastic box covering a tree.

High five? I guess not. 
Back at the hospital, Bi Yun greets the slightly calmer Min Shou- she is the new chef for the hospital, and hopes he will help her out. At the duty report, Min Shou introduces the kitchen staff to their new colleague. This causes the staff to question their relationship, and make them both uncomfortable by asking if they are dating. These nosy staffers even ask if he is still dating Rui En and tell him to propose! Grumpy Min Shou walks out again in anger.

Bi Yun runs after him, and a frustrated Min Shou asks her- “Am I not worthy enough to be loved? Why doesn’t Rui En accept me, even though I’ve waited for her for three years?” Typical Min Shou selfishness. Bi Yun promises Min Shou that someday, Rui En will see how great he is. Min Shou believes her, and asks her to always support him, and hugs her when she agrees. Bi Yun seems worried.

Tell me, tell me
We then cut to Chairman Song’s office, where he is meeting with Xu Xin Jie’s mother, Mrs Zhou. Mrs Zhou thanks him for letting her daughter be the face of the hospital. We soon find out the real reason why she’s there- she requests that Chairman Song not support Xin Jie’s relationship with Jing Hao. With such as good, money-making entertainment career ahead of her, the idea of her daughter getting married and leaving the industry is atrocious, apparently. Unless Chairman Song wants to hand over the money that Xin Jie’s future career is worth, Mrs Zhou warns him to not support their relationship, and makes a rude exit.

Great minds think alike?
Back at Rui En’s apartment, we see her working on a sweet pink design on her computer. NoQ arrives, carrying bags of clothing from his stall to give to Rui En. He insists that they are only leftovers, but Rui En is touched by the gesture. Speaking of the stall, NoQ remembers Jing Hao’s superb selling skills, bringing up bad memories for the two. He asks Rui En- did Jing Hao come to see her the other day when they hung up the pictures?

Rui En tells him that not only did he come (just a tad late) but he also said he wanted to be with Xu Xin Jie. NoQ is shocked. Jing Hao wants to be with a famous celebrity?! How will Rui En win him back?

Rui En will do what she can do. She decided to show NoQ her design, which, as it turns out, is an application for Jing Hao’s company. Rui En’s idea for the Red String phone app is that when someone wants to date, they can download the app, and when someone else who also has this app is in the vicinity, both the phones will show a cute pink picture. Therefore, the two people will know that a potential date is nearby, and will be fated together. Rui En sure is idealistic, right?

NoQ thinks of a small problem to this design- what if the person nearby who has downloaded the app is a man? Or a dinosaur girl? Does that mean he is fated to love them? He believes that the image of whomever you’d like to date must already be in your heart, and only when the cellphone app detects this person’s presence, only then are they meant to be together. This idea causes Rui En to think back of her college days with Jing Hao, and a college lecturer who basically said the same thing that NoQ said. This gives Rui En a brainflash, and she thanks a bemused NoQ profusely.

This is Rui En's design. Quite cute

Later, Tong Tong and Bi Yun return from buying groceries, just as Rui En finalizes her design. The ecstatic Rui En lifts the spirits of NoQ and Tong Tong, but is confused to see that Bi Yun is being rather cold. At dinner, Rui En asks her if anything is wrong- did she have a bad day? Bi Yun ignores the question, and instead, asks Rui En what she said to Min Shou today that made him so upset. Bi Yun berates her for hurting him, and for being so cruel. Does she even know what she’s doing? Feeling guilty, Rui En quickly leaves to sell clothes with NoQ.

At the clothing stall, Rui En asks NoQ if she is being stupid in waiting and chasing after Jing Hao, even when she knows he has a girlfriend. NoQ admits that it’s a difficult question for him, as he feels similar- Jing Hao has been ignoring him since his return to Taiwan, and he doesn’t understand why, because it’s so unlike the old Jing Hao.

In order to cure their depressed moods, NoQ rushes off to buy some soft drinks. At the same time, Jing Hao and Xu Xin Jie are strolling through the streets after their dinner, when fans surround Xin Jie, requesting autographs. Jing Hao agrees to meet her up front later.

While walking ahead, Jing Hao notices Rui En selling clothes at his old stall. Suprised, he stares at her until she happens to notices him. At the same time, the police come running into the street, scattering all the vendors. In Rui En’s distracted state, she doesn’t react, until Jing Hao comes to her rescue, grabbing the clothes rack and running away with her- just like old times.

When they reach Jing Hao’s old hiding place he tells her to wait half and hour until the police have left, when she’ll be safe. He turns to leave, but Rui En, ignoring his instructions, follows him and asks him why he keeps avoiding her. Before he can answer, there are more police whistles, and Jing Hao jumps back to hide.
Just like old times!

Grabbing Rui En tightly, the two stare into each other’s eyes while hiding, and they both think of how long they have waited for a moment like this. Entranced, Rui En reaches up to touch his face, and Jing Hao snaps to his senses, leaving Rui En alone. Later, Rui En discusses what happened with NoQ, and he concludes that maybe Jing Hao isn’t so cold-hearted after all- and he must still love Rui En.

Walking home, Jing Hao is confronted by a group of thugs who threaten him to stay away from Xu Xin Jie- a message from the charming Mrs Zhou. When Jing Hao refuses to do so, the thugs attempt to hurt him, but with his fighting skills, Jing Hao thrashes them easily. Then, worried for Xin Jie’s safety, he runs to her apartment, and tells her that she should move out, because her mother has the keys to her current place. Xin Jie is touched by his concern, and sees this as a thrilling invitation to move in with Jing Hao. However, her assistant placates the situation by reminding them of the media uproar that would occur if they really did move in together, so soon after announcing their relationship. Xin Jie reassures Jing Hao by telling him that she has changed all the locks, and her mother won’t be able to come in.

The next day, Jing Hao is still having trouble finding designers. His two assistants finally pick out two outstanding designs, seeming particularly impressed by one in particular. Wonder who they picked?

Rui En stands in front of Jing Hao’s office building in the early morning. As Jing Hao approaches, it’s obvious that he thinks she’s stalking him as a way to win him back. Angry, he tries to get her to go away- until the female assistant arrives, and informs him that Ms. Song Rui En is one of their outstanding new designers.
What, are you stalking me now?
The assistants and the two designers introduce themselves in the office. It turns out that Rui En has brought along an assistant, who should be here any minute now. Soon enough, the assistant rushes in, proud for being one minute early- no surprises, it’s NoQ.

You again?
Jing Hao is less than thrilled that these two people from his past are now working for him. He calls his own assistants for a meeting, and asks them why they hired three people instead of the two he requested. Apparently, Rui En begged for NoQ to be hired too- in fact, they agreed to only take one salary together instead of two. The assistants were so impressed with Rui En’s designs that they agreed. By now, Jing Hao is getting pretty annoyed. He decides to enforce a 3-month probation period for the designers to achieve the company goals. The assistants are surprised, but glad the designers are able to stay. After hearing of this news, NoQ is furious, accusing that Jing Hao is being biased due to their past together. However, Rui En tells him that this just means they will need to work hard to prove they are worthy of their roles. They accept the terms.

At lunch, Rui En and NoQ decide to pester Jing Hao by sitting at his table for lunch. Jing Hao is furious at their employment, telling them not to ruin his business. His lack of faith in his former friend and girlfriend leaves them fuming, and they vow to prove their worthiness at the company.

Meanwhile, Min Shou’s new ally, Bi Yun, informs him of Rui En’s new job with Jing Hao. Min Shou assumes that Jing Hao hired Rui En purposely, so she’ll suffer in his presence. Min Shou runs upstairs to inform the Chairman, but is told that the Chairman has recently left. Min Shou make a dash for his own car to chase after him.

This is totally the airport.
Strangely enough, the Chairman’s car stops outside a large brick building. Intrigued, Min Shou calls the him, and asks if he’s free for a chat. The Chairman lies, and says he is at the airport, unaware he is being watched. Min Shou decides to investigate.

Inside this building, the Chairman walks to a bedroom, looking for somebody. Suddenly, a pair of hands covers his eyes, and a familiar voice greets the Chairman, his “good friend”

Guess who?
It’s Jing Hao’s father!

It turns out the Chairman Song has been regularly visiting Jing Hao’s father, believed to be dead, at his rest home. The Chairman confesses his jealousy for the simple lifestyle held by Jing Hao’s father. He admits that he would never want Rui En to know what he had done, which is why he opposed her relationship with Jing Hao. The only thing he can do to alleviate his guilt is to keep visiting Jing Hao’s father. Theres no harm in this confession, as Jing Hao’s father can’t understand him anyway. To his surprise, the man says he understands.

Actually, what he means is that he understands the “Young Person’s” (Jing Hao’s) concern for him, so he wrote a letter for him, which he reads out to Chairman Song. The letter is very touching, and we learn that Jing Hao’s father does remember him, and wishes for his return. Aww! He asks the Chairman to mail the letter to the “Young Person”, but unfortunately, can’t remember his name.

"Young person, come back and help me!"
Just as the Chariman is about to leave, and Min Shou watches from his car, Jing Hao’s father remembers- the young man’s name was Liang Jing Hao! Min Shou overhears this, and is shocked. This man is Jing Hao’s father? The one who supposedly commited suicide?

Back at Jing Hao’s office, his assistants try to convince him to have a welcome dinner for the new designers. Jing Hao agrees, which seems out of character. We’ll soon find out why.

At dinner, everyone except for Jing Hao has arrived, choosing what dishes they would like. Just as Rui En wonders where Jing Hao could be, he casually strolls into the restaurent- with Xu Xin Jie in tow. Xin Jie is happy to see her friend Rui En, and Jing Hao uses the opportunity to be overly affectionate with Xin Jie, right in front of Rui En, breaking her heart once again.

Back at the hospital, Min Shou receives a call from Chairman Song, asking what it was he wanted to talk about. Min Shou informs him of Rui En’s new job, then non too subtly tries to interrogate him about his relationship with Jing Hao’s father. The Chairman’s obvious lies tell Min Shou that something suspicious is going on.

After dinner, Xin Jie offers Rui En a ride home, but is rejected. As the couple walks back to their car, Jing Hao, knowing that Rui En is watching, tells Xin Jie that she looks very pretty today, and kisses her on the cheek- but from where Rui En’s standing, it looks like a real kiss.

Heartbroken, Rui En shouts out to Xin Jie- would she mind if she borrowed her boyfriend for a minute? She has some work questions she’d like to ask.

When Xin Jie agrees, Rui En walks up to the couple- and hugs Jing Hao, for “giving me this great opportunity!” Go Rui En!
Since when were we on hugging terms?
Back at Rui En’s apartment, Min Shou, Bi Yun, and Tong Tong are all waiting up for her. Rui En and Min Shou have a talk about her new job, and Min Shou apologizes for the way he acted toward her the other day. He should have controlled his emotions, since he has never existed in her heart anyway. Rui En disagrees - because he has stood by her for all these years, she has the courage to protect her heart.

She admits that she thinks Jing Hao doesn’t truly love Xin Jie. She knows the way he looks at people he really loves- the way he used to look at her. Rui En doesn’t see that when Jing Hao looks at Xin Jie. Min Shou takes this opportunity to question Rui En about Jing Hao’s relationship with his father, and is satisfied with her answer- that he would give up everything for his father.

Outside Xin Jie’s apartment, Min Shou meets with Jing Hao, telling him they must talk. Thinking that it’s about Rui En, he is angered when Min Shou asks if he would like to know what really happened to his father, the one who apparently committed suicide. Jing Hao assumes Min Shou is joking with him, and angrily punches him. “Joking?” Min Shou asks. “If you think I’m joking, don’t come begging to me in the future”.
What did you say?

As Min Shou speeds off, Jing Hao contemplates the meaning of his words when he receives a message on his phone- a photo of his father!

Next Episode

Rui En breaks down. Does Jing Hao take advantage of her?
Min Shou escapes with Jing Hao’s father. Xu Xin Jie is kidnapped by her mother!


Jing Hao really annoyed me this episode- he was such a jerk! Except for one redeeming moment when he helped Rui En, he was so horrible to her the rest of the time that I’m finding it a little hard to root for our main couple. Yes, yes, I’m sure that he’ll go back to being a nice guy soon, but sometimes during the episode it was hard to understand Rui En’s determination to get him back. Though it was nice to see Rui En getting back at him!

Min Shou, Jing Hao’s rival, didn’t behave much better. He’s still holding onto petty jealousy of Jing Hao, and convinced that he deserves Rui En’s love. Although he did apologize to Rui En for his rudeness (read: crazy mood swings), his sneaky behavior around Jing Hao’s father, and the preview for next week leaves me wondering what he could be up to…

Overall, it was a pretty interesting episode, with an exciting plot twist (Jing Hao’s father returns!) and some comical moments. With only two episodes left, I’m looking forward to seeing how the drama wraps up, and how the rest of the storylines will pan out.

What did you think of the episode?

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