Emerging plot details for "Channel-X" bring out a potentially wild and intense thrill ride

So SETTV just recently broadcast its own sneak peak special for its upcoming Channel-X drama to replace staggering ratings loser Zhong Wu Yen, and the opening details of the drama seem much crazier than what was already expected from available previews for this drama thriller. If you're the type that waits until a drama finally broadcasts to unravel the plot, feel free to stop reading right now. But if you need to quench your thirst of what to expect from Channel-X, do yourself a favor and check out the emerging plot details of the drama and its character blurbs below.

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The plot synopsis
Joe Cheng plays the part of An Zai-yong, a hot shot reporter for aptly named major channel Big TV. His life has turned for the worst right from the start once he is accused of murdering a woman. As it turns out, that woman is a determined paparazzi from online tabloid site Channel-X by the named Hong Xiao-lu, who also turns out to be Zai-yong's fiancée.

Stuck with his back figuratively against the wall, Zai-yong makes the choice of approaching a nearby surveillance camera and confessing to it by accusing his television audience of being responsible for his fiancée's murder. At this point, does that audience sympathize with the accused killer or do they side with the victim? From that point, the drama travels back one year prior to unravel the series of events that lead to main character Zai-yong's fateful predicament.

The main characters

An Zai-yong
is Big TV's lead anchor and nicknamed "The Human Teleprompter" for his skills of reciting exactly what's given to him from the teleprompter. New corporate owners IPIC to his employer Big TV are in the midst of a development plan that threatens the environment, and the woman he's engaged to happens to be protesting the development. An-zai is a man of character willing to fight whoever and whatever for the truth, even if it means confronting his own superiors to get it.

Hong Xiao-lu
is both an online tabloid paparazzi and an environmentalist protester for IPIC's latest developmental plans. Her employer Channel-X are at odds with Big TV and the corporate media, and see Xiao-lu's hot shot news anchor fiancé as public enemy number one. The online tabloid will pull all the stops to destroy the reputation of Big TV's own An-yong as their opening move for bringing down the corporate media station.

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Pretty intense stuff, huh? These plot details are all preliminary, but first impressions already look very promising based on emerging information. Of course, we won't know for sure how the drama will turn out until it broadcasts in two weeks. SETTV still has a lot of ground from their declining ratings and blundering production moves for current drama Zhong Wu Yen, whose ratings may even end up being an all-time low for the channel. It also doesn't help that the production team for Channel-X was also behind 2008's underwhelming drama Mysterious Incredible Terminator. Regardless though, it's difficult to argue that Channel-X is definitely not your cookie-cutter romantic drama.

Channel-X sneak peak video:

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