ELVA tops album sales; netizens criticize Golden Horse performance

After being knocked off the top 5 in sales last week, ELVA Hsiao rebounds to first place on both G-Music and Five Music album sales charts this week with a repackaged version of "Miss ELVA". The trendy Goddess also gave a special performance at yesterday's 47th Annual Golden Horse Awards; she sang classics from movie soundtracks, including her own “Subway (地下鐵)”.

However, the songstress has been under heavy criticisms after her performance – with netizens bashing her for being out of tune and off beat. Many viewers also questioned her choice of wardrobe in which it seemed as if she was wearing some lingerie head-piece with cat ears. ELVA responded optimistically, “Miss ELVA's style was incorporated into the performance. At least the audience gave me a lot of support. After all, not every performance can be perfect.”

In case you missed the performance, here’s the clip:

G-Music album sales chart
1. ELVA Hsiao / Miss ELVA
2. Kenji Wu / Love Me, Hate Me
3. Andy Lau / Unforgettable
4. Lollipop F / Four Dimensions
5. Leehom Wang / 18 Martial Arts

Five Music album sales chart
1. ELVA Hsiao / Miss ELVA
2. Kenji Wu / Love Me, Hate Me 
3. Lollipop F / Four Dimensions
4. Andy Lau / Unforgettable
5. Gary Chaw / Back In Control

KKBOX singles pop chart

1. Della Ding / Onion
2. Peter Pan / Two People Do Not Equal Us 
3. ELVA Hsiao / Wrong Person
4. JJ Lin / She Says
5. Kenji Wu / It's Alright

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Appledaily

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