ELVA becomes a diamond burglar in new MV

ELVA Hsiao releases a new music video for “Double Faced Goddess” (雙面女神). A burglar in disguise, she wears a beautiful and long wedding gown to seduce the security guard in order to steal the key to the exhibition room holding the extravagant diamond. ELVA explains, “Diamonds represent eternal love to a girl. I’m the same as every girl, I also want eternal love. I keep an open mind and just let love take its course now, but after hearing about Da S’ (Barbie) engagement, I admire her a lot.”

ELVA’s pet dog Gemini becomes ELVA’s accomplice and helps her to successfully steal the fist-size diamond – which seemed to be emitting some blue radiation. Gemini handsomely wears a tux and mask that were specially designed by ELVA herself. ELVA said proudly, “If anyone wants to have Gemini to act in dramas or movies, you can come discuss it with me.”

ELVA posing with Gemini.

"Miss ELVA" commemorate version is now available for preorder on YesAsia!

Check out the "Double Faced Goddess" MV here:

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Appledaily / Video: howard5898

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