[Updated w/ MVs] Edison Chen returns to the music industry with help from Jay Chou

3 years after the sex photo scandal rocked the entertainment industry, Edison Chen is officially returning to the music industry with his new album ‘Confusion’. Edison has written all the lyrics of his new album, with a little help from MC Hot Dog in editing his Chinese grammar. Good friend Jay Chou has also written one of the songs ‘I Can Fly’.

The title track ‘Mr Sandman’ is a relaxing upbeat song, but the lyrics describes Edison’s development over the past three years. Edison also specially invited internationally renowned producer DJ NASA to mix a new electronic version of ‘Mr. Sandman’, which will be released before his album, as a way of thanking the support of his fans. Furthermore, he has invited Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng to star in the MV.

Recently, Edison has also opened a Weibo account ‘edc Edison Chen’ in order to interact more closely with his fans. On one hand, fans will be able to keep up-to-date with his current whereabouts and projects, and on the other hand, this will put a stop to all his previous fake accounts that were created by netizens, which resulted in fans and even celebrities being tricked. For instance, Mickey Huang proceeded to arrange a meeting with the fake Edison, and Darryl Guo even tried to ask him to get tickets to Jay Chou’ s concert!

Edison Chen’s new album is set to be released before Christmas.

Check out Edison's new songs 'Mr Sandman' and 'Running':

Mr. Sandman:


Source: UDN

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