Eddie Peng shaves his head to go with his six-pack

Those abs, those abs, those aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsEddie Peng has been putting his body to work again for the upcoming movie “Somersault Punk”. With filming almost complete, the actor must shave his head in a scene to show his character’s determination to return to the gymnastics world. As we all know, hair is an extremely important part of any male idol’s success. His management company was originally against the idea but Eddie Peng went “all the way” as it was required by the script. Much to everyone’s surprise, his newly shaved head actually transformed him from a “sunshine boy” into a “manly man”.

So…do you think those abs are painted on or are they for real?

A look back at Eddie Peng's greatest hair:

2006 in "Ken Chu's hair"

At the 2007 Golden Horse Nominees Party

As the spokesperson of Animax's "Hayate the Combat Butler" in 2009

2010, gymnast mode

Source: CNA, Libertytimes, images from Central Pictures, UDN

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