Eddie Peng posts stills of himself in upcoming movie "Somersault Punk"

Upon completing the filming for his upcoming movie, “Somersault Punk”, Eddie Peng posted some stills of himself practicing gymnastics from the movie and expressed on his micro-blog, “Four months of filming, two months of training, seventy staff members who are passionate in movie filming, everyone has worked hard, we did it.”

Eddie plays a gymnast who had once fallen astray. His portrayal has already won many praises from the crew. He has been training himself non-stop to stay fit and in order to be close to matching up to real gymnasts. His good friend and actress Alice Ke commented, “You’ve worked hard. After seeing the photo, I really want to hug you. You really succeeded!”

Even his rumored ex-girlfriend Jolin Tsai, who had showcased some gymnastic moves at her previous concert, praised, “Amazing...beautiful! It’s so charming.”

Source: UDN, NOWnews

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