[Contest] One-Year Anniversary Prize Giveaway!

Greetings CpopAccess.com readers! In order to commemorate the one year anniversary of our site, our staff would like to kick things off with a fun contest. No, scratch that. Let’s make it three fun contests! That’s right, for the next week, we’ll be taking submissions for our contests, with the winners of these contests chosen by our very own staff. Check out the details below to see how you can take part in our contests!

Contest #1: Why You Love Mandopop Story!
Prize: $20 Gift Certificate to YesAsia.com
Show your fan appreciation of Mandopop by telling us what you love most about it! Get your typing fingers prepped to discuss what feeds your obsession. Winner will be chosen based on coolness and creativity factor. Keep it 100 words or less though, or else things could get out of hand!

Contest #2: Mandopop Photoshop Fun!
Prize: $20 Gift Certificate to YesAsia.com
For those of you who prefer to show your love of Mandopop through pictures, then this contest is for you! The rules are simple: find an image of your favorite Mandopop celebrity and photoshop it in some way giving mad props to our site! Like the contest above, winner will be chosen based on coolest and creative entry. Keep it clean, since we want to appeal to even our young readers!

Contest #3: Random Fan Selection!
Prize: $10 Gift Certificate to YesAsia.com
Totally random contest, but think of it as a fan appreciation! For this contest, we will randomly choose a fan from either our Facebook or Twitter accounts and reward their fan appreciation! Eligible contestants will be those who sign up on either account before the end of the week.

The deadline for this contest is Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST. After that, our staff will deliberate and finally choose the winner for our three contests. Be sure to submit your entries in a comment below or in an e-mail to cpopaccess [at] gmail.com before the deadline. We look forward to your outstanding entries!

You may enter in more than one of the contests. Limit to 1 entry per person for each contest.

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