Cheryl Yang has no plans to pull a Da S on marriage, Wu Chun not so much

Da S has risen in popularity quite recently, yet perhaps in a way that she herself probably would like no part of. If you haven't heard, Da S is now a married woman, but her path to marriage wasn't as traditional or as ceremoniously long like her younger sister Xiao S's marriage from several years back. After Da S having dated quite a few famous famous figures in the entertainment circle, Da S eventually settled on a relative unknown outside the industry for reasons that people may never truly know.

Several Taiwanese entertainers chimed in with their own opinions regarding Da S and her recent spotlight in the media, and one such entertainer is actress Chery Yang. The actress and famous bra model commented that she doesn't ever plan on pulling a Da S with having her own shotgun marriage, since Cheryl's values are "more traditional and conservative", but the star from My Queen and Zhong Wu Yen did envy her fellow acting colleague for her recent "love at first sight" move that led to the quick wedding turn of events.

One can't exactly say the same thing about Fahrenheit's own Wu Chun, whom directed his message for Da S to the media about the shotgun marriage by saying, "Next time, it's my turn!" While the Fahrenheit heartthrob is looking for the lucky girl to become his instant wife, he's presently stacking his promotions with Fahrenheit along with his idol drama acting duties.

Source: NOWnews, Liberty Times

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