Cheryl Yang & Harry Chang getting engaged next year?

Following Da S’s lightening marriage to her junior of 5 years Wang Xiao Fei, another couple with the same age difference; Cheryl Yang & Harry Chang are also rumoured to be tying the knot soon. The two lovebirds were recently spotted on a dinner date together, putting earlier break-up rumours to rest.

When reporters contacted Harry’s mother to ask about the engagement, she didn’t have a very surprised expression on her face. Rather, she smiled saying that she would call him and ask. Furthermore, she expressed that as parents, they will support their decision. It seems like Harry’s mother approves of Cheryl as her soon to be daughter-in-law, as she didn’t forget to praise Cheryl as being a ‘good girl’. She even complained that the media reports had caused Cheryl to stop coming to visit her at her restaurant. Reporters then asked whether Harry’s mother hopes for the two to get hitched, and she replied saying that their family holds a traditional view of getting married before having kids.

Although this couple is getting a lot of attention lately, the two insist that they are only good friends. Cheryl’s manager expressed that they do not interfere with an artist’s personal life, but she denied the marriage rumours, saying that Cheryl is currently placing all her focus on her work and career.

Source: UDN

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