[Updated w/ Video] Calvin Chen turns 30!

That's right, another Fahrenheit member has reached his 30s. Yesterday, during the recording of his show on MTV, "J and Kpop Craze", Calvin Chen was treated to an unforgettable birthday. South Korean group, JYJ, personally took the time out to record a birthday greeting to him. Calvin was so surprised that he forgot he was still in the middle of recording and stood there, dumbstruck, for 5 seconds. Once he came back to himself, the production team continued to surprise him with the delivery of a "manly cake".

Due to his envy of the six packs of South Korean artistes, Calvin had been struck with determination to change from a sunshine boy to a beastly man. He has even stated that if the ratings for the show breaks a record, he will take it off for his fans.

On the 7th, Calvin celebrated for the first time with nearly 300 of his fans in Hong Kong. Since he does not have a girlfriend, his fans decided to bestow a banana flavored condom to him to satisfy his "craving," causing him to blush immediately. Calvin decided to sacrifice his body by letting his fans touch him as much as they liked and even getting intimate with them by touching face to face.

Each of his group mates also recorded their own birthday wish messages for him. Jiro gave Calvin a Gucci scarf and even found time to call in and led the fans in singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Next up for 30 will be Jiro next year in August. Here's to hoping Fahrenheit will still be together then!

JYJ's brief birthday message to Calvin:

Sources: UDN

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