Barbie Hsu and her man quit the blogging world

The Internet is sure a great tool for stars to connect with fans and speak their minds. But Da S and Wang Xiao Fei have been under constant attack by netizens ever since their relationship was made public. She has been criticized for everything from being “scarier than a rat” to a simple bow that she wore on a date. Wang took matter into his own hands and retorted back at some of those unruly netizens yesterday.

In fact, Wang himself has also been a popular target of these endless attacks – Netizens began circulating rumors about his past soon after his name became famous overnight. Some claimed he was married with a kid, others said he had a gay lover, and then there’s the latest one – he apparently went to jail while studying in France. The couple finally had enough and announced they are leaving the micro-blogging world for good.

Interestingly, Taiwanese publisher Fullon Publication recently surveyed “Seventh-Grader” netizens (referring to those who are born between 1981 to 1990) about their views on marriage. Over 64% actually said they envy Da S and Wang’s relationship, while 30% want to get married themselves before the age of 35. The couple was famous for expressing their love on the Internet, which was also a trend reflected by the survey. 70% of the participants said they have tried searching for love on the web, hoping to find a boyfriend or husband in the virtual world.

Source: Nownews, UDN, Wang Xiao Fei’s “former” blog

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