Anthony Neely to open up upcoming drama "Channel-X" with rock track "Happy Armageddon"

Former Superstar Avenue contestant and debut singer Anthony Neely seems to have things going well for him. Since gaining tons of momentum from his appearance on one of Taiwan's popular televised talent show competitions, the artist has since released his debut album Lesson One and an MV for his powerful English track "Sorry That I Loved You" off said album.

Adding to his growing musical résumé now is news from his fan club and various Asian community sites that Anthony will also be providing the opening theme for upcoming SETTV drama Channel-X with rock track "Happy Armageddon". If you have been following closely to the video promotions of the drama, then you may have heard the instrumentals of that song from one of its teasers.

The choice of that song from Anthony's latest album for "Channel-X" seems like an interesting pick given that the song's sound has a somewhat upbeat melody in contrast to the more serious nature of the drama. Anthony's debut English track would have probably been a better fit given its more suitable somber sound, but perhaps the producers at SETTV were inspired to choose a rock tune similar to opening theme "Rogue Justice" by Color & Mark Chao from last year's hugely popular drama Black & White.

In the meantime, enjoy a listen to Anthony's rock tune below and see for yourself if it was a good choice for SETTV's upcoming drama.

Author's Note: Fellow CpopAccess writer fufu also just made a news post about Anthony right before mine, but mine's way cooler.  I'm just saying.

Anthony Neely's "Happy Armageddon" track:

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