Anthony Neely debuts at second place on album sales charts

The handsome Chinese-American newcomer Anthony Neely debuts at second place on both the G-Music and Five Music album sales charts this week, following closely behind Miss ELVA. To celebrate the success of his album, “Lesson One”, Anthony held an autographing and mini concert event at Ximending, attracting five hundred fans. Resonating with the 2010 elections, Anthony wore multiple “first place” ribbons and waved a red flag with his Chinese surname, “倪” ('Ni'), on it.

Thinking back to when he first went to Taiwan to fulfill his music dream, Anthony said excitedly, “I told my dad that I wanted to go back to Taiwan to sing, but he didn’t understand my music and thought that I wasn’t serious. But after my MV and promotion ads were released and were uploaded on the web, he said to me: ‘Hey, you little punk ain’t bad. You really seem to be quite popular’.” Anthony further revealed that his mom originally gave him two years as a time limit to chase his dream, and now she is giving him six years, making him feel very moved.

Anthony expressed, “Although my mom is giving me six years, I haven’t thought that far away. I’m just looking forward to Live performances.”

Anthony roasted a chicken for himself to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Anthony's "Lesson One" debut album is now available on YesAsia!

Check out Anthony's "The Last Embrace" MV below:

And now on to the pop charts:

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Source: UDN,  Appledaily, LibertyTimes / Video: HIMservice / Pop charts as labeled

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