Anchorman Joe Cheng battles Paparazzo Amber Kuo in Channel X

Joe Cheng will be returning to the small screen for the first time in two years with “Channel X (國民英雄/National Hero)”. It is his first idol drama for SETTV after having worked with GTV for most of his career. Channel X is directed by Chiang Foung Hon (江豐宏) who has also worked on numerous GTV idol dramas previously. In addition to Joe Cheng, the new drama also stars Amber Kuo and Tracy Chou (周采詩).

In contrast to most idol dramas that focus on relationships, Channel X is said to be a mystery/suspense thriller. Joe Cheng plays a “news reading machine-like anchorman" (Ron Burgundy?), while Amber Kuo plays a paparazzo. Their characters start off as competitors and eventually grow closer as all leads in idol dramas do. Concerning rumors of the two not seeing eye to eye, Amber Kuo clarified that they didn’t know each other very well before, but they are now close enough to chat on video calls while getting their make up done.

Both stars signed a confidential clause so they are keeping mum about the storyline. Nevertheless, it was revealed that Joe Cheng will have some very steamy scenes with his female costars. SETTV’s deputy director praised his natural talent for filming this type of scenes, and claimed the NCC would fine them if they air the scenes in their entirety. Joe Cheng later said, “I quite like filming bed scenes, because (I) can lie down while filming! They are much easier than action scenes.”


Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN, images from Sanli, UDN, videos from SETTV

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