Alien Huang forms new 12-member group Playboyz

Not to be outdone by Korean boyband Super Junior, Taiwan's Alien Huang leads labelmates 2MORO, Fun 4 Band, 君子號 (Nobleman’s Roar), SK8, and Wei Guo Yuan to create 12-member group Playboyz.

The Playboyz name proudly displays how its members can both play and sing, with hosts, skateboarders, commercial stars, songwriters, and schoolboy looks adding to their appeal. They’ve joined forces to fight the Hallyu wave in a compilation album titled “Happy New Year這個讚” (Happy New Year: Praising This), with the songs and lyrics meant to celebrate New Years in a brisk and light melody.

Meeting to take promotional photos, the 12 members found that each of their outfits had a personal style, ranging among punk rock, American skaterboy, a classic schoolboy look, and Japanese trends. They bravely swiped on black nail polish, with first-timers marveling at how "cool" it was. As the senior familiar to fashion magazine covers already, Alien Huang took the role of photographer as he snapped pictures and guided his juniors.

Now the largest male music group in Taiwan, the 12 members of Playboyz constantly talk about what the “Trendy” is. Whether it's the latest Japanese clothing brands or limited doll releases, they'll talk about it all. With Alien Huang also advising his juniors how to pick up girls, their relationship only grows closer.

With preorder sales already on, Playboyz releases their first compilation album on December 18.

Check out Alien Huang’s “Clone” (复制人) to be featured in “Happy New Year這個讚” here:

Source: UDN, Chinayes, promotional photos from Rock Records, ronbosco's channel

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