AK's Andy Chen: commercial star since age 3; earned a million TWD in 9 years

AK’s 24 year old Andy Chen began filming commercials since he was 3. And with his pretty and charismatic face, he had already filmed over a hundred commercials by the time he reached the age of 12, earning him over a million TWD. But none of that money has gotten into his hands, “My mom said she already used the money to buy me clothes. I have over a hundred pieces of clothing.”

Andy revealed that his mom really wanted a girl, so she often dressed him up as one. He was scouted at age 3 outside of the department chain SOGO when his mom took him out to shopping. He instantly became a commercial superstar – he had been in popular commercials like McDonald’s, Neo Neo Ten Huba (instant cereal), and more. His pay rose from ten thousand to fifty thousand per commercial. After he graduated from elementary school, his mom didn’t allow him to film anymore commercials so that he can focus on his studies.

Although earning over a million TWDs from commercials, Andy, who grew up in a single parent family, rarely asked his mom for pocket money. He used to sell collectible cards at school to earn some extra money, “I studied at a private school, so many of my classmates were very rich. I would first go buy the collectible cards at the stores and usually I’ll get a special edition card for every 20 pouch I buy. Then I would sell it to my classmates for 7 to 10 times the original price. The most expensive one I sold was 4,000 TWD.”

In addition, he would also sell his own drawings to make pocket money; he sold black and white drawings for $100 each and colored drawings for $200 each.

Andy revealed that he was the most depressed while he was in junior high as he wasn’t able to attract any girls and everyone stopped saying that he was cute. His mom sent him abroad to Canada on his second year of junior high, which he thought that his mom didn’t want him and he almost gave up on himself.

Andy recently took part in the PTS drama, “Gloomy Salad Days”. In the drama, he plays an impulsive student who often swears, ride his motorcycle at high speed, and get into fights, which are very different from his real personality, “Because my family doesn’t allow me to, so I never rode on a motorcycle before. I especially went to get a motorcycle license to film the drama.”

Source: Appledaily

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