Ady An thanks fans with childhood photo

This chubby kid is obviously not her... Ady An’s blog recently attracted a lot of attention after two of her famous friends dominated the headlines. Her micro-blog has already exceeded one million followers, and to celebrate this milestone, she uploaded a childhood photo of another star – Van Ness Wu!

The picture looks just like the ones we have all taken in elementary school. Some of us would rather not see them again in our lifetime, but the confident Van Ness Wu probably doesn’t have this problem. His facial features look about the same as they do now. Many fans even thought his round face looked super cute.

Ady An revealed in her message that she received a iPhone 4 for her birthday in September. As she was about to switch phones, she noticed her micro-blog followers have exceeded a million. The actress said she hopes to expand her interactions with fans and friends, in addition to sharing tidbits about her life. She wrote, “To thank everyone for their support, (I’m) especially sharing this precious photo! This photo ~ has been approved by its owner! That is too brave, my friend.”

Source: Nownews, images from Ady An's blog, Van Ness Wu's blog

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