Ady An and Van Ness Wu recreate classic scene from Autumn’s Concerto

Ady An has also been making the headlines thanks to Barbie Hsu’s sudden engagement. The couple was reportedly introduced at An's birthday party back in September. However, rumors began to circulate in regards to her involvement with the groom-to-be. Some said she has secretly loved him for 5 years, while others claimed she was drinking herself drunk after news of the engagement broke out.

The actress recently returned to Taiwan and responded on being dragged into the media frenzy, “The phone calls were endless. I was filming at the time, (it) really scared me to death!” As for photos of her crying in the arms of Wang Xiao Fei, her friend refuted, “She is close with everyone, it's something she does often. It is not directed to anyone specifically.”

Ady An met up with her Autumn’s Concerto director Chen Hui Ling and costar Van Ness Wu for a dinner gathering a few days ago. Chen directed them to recreate the classic photo moment from their drama. She also joked that since Ady An knows a lot of rich men in the mainland, people should suck up to her if they want to marry into a rich family.

Source: Nownews, UDN, images from Ady An’s blog

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