Actor Wang Bo Chieh hospitalized after suspected suicide attempt

Some shocking news landed the young actor on the front page of the entertainment section today. 21 year-old Wang Bo Chieh has been one of the fastest rising actors in recent years. He was hospitalized on the 10th for wounds on his left wrist. Wang was reportedly seen hurting himself and eventually taken to the Taipei City Hospital in the early morning.

Appledaily’s reporter found him sitting in a corner outside of the emergency room. He was dressed in a hospital gown with bandage around his left wrist while holding a cigarette. When asked about his condition, he said, “It’s minor. (My) hand is injured. (I’ll) be leaving in a bit.” He was rumored to have attempted suicide due to his break up with actress Alice Ke. On whether they have parted ways, he quickly responded, “Why would (we) break up?” He said “It’s really nothing” five times and still appeared to be drunk. Wang’s mom arrived later and gave him a kiss on his forehead. On her son’s relationship, she said they “are friends.

Wang Bo Chieh met 25 year-old Alice Ke on the set of their drama “Play Ball”. His movie career took off after a Golden Horse-nominated performance in “Winds of September”. He went on to star in a number of high profile movies including “Bodyguards and Assassains”, and has spent most of this year filming in the mainland. The couple reportedly argued often due to their separation as well as his drinking habit. Alice Ke later confirmed they have indeed broken up a month ago. She explained that they were having a gathering with friends since Wang is leaving for the mainland on the next day. She heard something broke and then found him injured. Ke said the scene was a bit chaotic but his injury was probably unintentional. Wang’s manager told a different story, but also denied it was a suicide attempt. 

Director Li Gang and his wife were called to the hospital for assistance. He became close with Wang Bo Chieh after collaborating on the new movie “Juliets”. On whether he thinks Wang’s suicide attempt was too impulsive, he said, “Yes. It’d be best to ask his manager.” Li frankly said he really likes the young actor, and said he is like a big kid. Li and his wife were even invited by Wang to the KTV just a few days ago, “I think of him as my son. He is still not sensible, still really young.”

Source: Appledaily

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