Your new drama recap writer, joyjee, at your service!

Dear TDramas,

I have always felt that you deserve better. After Meteor Garden, everyone’s attention pretty much shifted to Korean and Japanese dramas, but I am as loyal as a lover. The world may turn its back on you, but I won’t.

You are like a gem waiting to be discovered, and I’m like a miner eager to discover a gem. I know it’s a lame metaphor, but that’s how I feel for you.

What I love most about you is your exaggerated, funny ways. You can be funny without even trying, and I appreciate that, especially during days when things don’t go so well for me. You’re looking better and better throughout the years, and if people will only look closer, I’m sure they will see the eye candy in you. I should know—I have seen it already.

But you're not all eye candy. If anything, what I also like about you is how you make sense, how your issues become my issues as well. Your relevance is what makes me keep up with all your clichés--not that I'm complaining about them either.

Starting today, I will write about you. Let’s hope for the best and see where this will take us.

Excited beyond words,

Hi guys! Guess what? We’re looking for drama recap writers!

If you’re:
  • interested
  • has undying passion for Taiwanese dramas, and
  • willing to join me as I wear a boiler suit in search of that precious gem (yes, I just won’t let go of that metaphor. Heh)
...then let us know here: cpopaccess (at) gmail (dot) com. We’re excited to hear from you!

Also, watch out for the recapped episodes of the new drama, Gloomy Salad Days, here at CpopAccess. Soon!

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