Yannick from The Drifters doesn’t think A-Mei is Jay Chou’s type

News of A-Mei and Jay Chou getting cozy on a plane ride made headlines several days ago. Their managers denied all relationship rumors as expected, stating the two are just friends. One of many Jay Chou's beloved pupils, Yannick (常青) from The drifters, attended a promotional event with Claire Kuo on the 13th. When asked about rumored pair, he said, “Very unlikely! It doesn’t feel right!” Jay Chou reportedly favors light-skinned girls with big eyes, so A-Mei indeed doesn’t fall into the J-girl category. Her manager also said in addition to not being each other’s type; even now they have yet to fall for one another.

At the event, Yannick got to spend some quality time with fellow Cotton USA spokesperson Claire Kuo as his band mate Darren was busy filming. He invited her to go surfing together, to which she asked right away, “Is swimsuit required? I can’t accept this. What happens if a big wave comes over?” She eventually accepted the offer after being informed that surfing doesn’t require a swimsuit. In return, Claire Kuo invited him to cycling and even gave him 6 pairs of cotton underwear as a present. On the medium size that she chose for him, Yannick said, “(My) waist is M, the key part is XL.”

Source: Chinatimes

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