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As you can tell by the lack of a creative title, there’s really not much going on with idol dramas these days. “Zhong Wu Yen” continues its reign at the top after 11 episodes. However, it ratings went south again with an average at 2.60% last Sunday. SETTV attempted to hype things up prior to the broadcast by releasing images of Cheryl Yang with a barechested Ming Dao (in which their characters spent the night at a cabin during the storm.) Unfortunately it seemed to have turned more viewers away then it attracted.

Korean drama “Personal Preference” is still holding strong in second with 1.27%. Interestingly, “Endless Love” might be on its way out of the bottom. It averaged 0.84% which was only slightly below 0.85% for "4 Gifts”.

Although Chris Wu doesn’t get much screen time on Zhong Wu Yen, he’s been getting plenty of coverage for his role in “When Love Comes (當愛來的時候)”. His butt-naked love scene has been widely reported despite the fact that he only appears in the film for 10 minutes. On being the focus of promotions, he laughed “The point of promoting is to attract everyone!” As for breaking his “boundary”, he asked, “Is it really a breakthrough? It’s alright, just being without clothes on. I’m not an idol so there’s no burden.” And on the movie’s leading 14 Golden Horse nominations, he said, “This is a good movie, (so it’s) not surprising.”

Okay, cover your eyes if you’re too young for nudity. You’ve been warned.


Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN

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