Van Ness prepares for a new Mandarin album

Universal Music held a press conference at the Hong Kong Jockey Club to proudly welcome Van Ness Wu to the company – with a signing bonus of eighty-million TWD for both his management and record contract.

Van Ness stood beside a meter high ice sculpture of a horse to signify that he has found his "Bo Le" (*someone who recognizes his talents). Universal Music presented Shakespeare’s Sonnets and a pair of custom-made dance shoes to Van Ness as gifts, hoping that he will rise to the top possessing both creativity and dance ability. Van Ness, who has recently released a Japanese album, is already preparing for his new Mandarin album.

Van Ness has been busy filming for a new drama as well as recording for his new album; he revealed that he just got off work very late on the night before and then he flew straight to Hong Kong at 6 in the morning, “I originally wanted to sleep on the plane, but I didn’t. Then when my hair was being blow-dried, I fell asleep. I didn’t know I would become this busy, but I’m very happy about all of this, (it's) very fun, and I love my life.” Van Ness, who is an actor, a singer, and a boss at the same time, expressed, “I love every position. They’re all different and require me to do different things. I enjoy the work in all of them.”

After joining Universal Music, Van Ness wishes to collaborate with veteran singer Jacky Cheung the most because he loves Jacky’s “吻別” (Goodbye Kiss).

*referencing the Chinese idiom of how Bo Le (person) recognized the best horse among thousands

Source: UDN

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