Sandrine and Will seal "Endless Love" with a kiss

Sandrine Pinna and Will Pan have many kissing scenes in their latest drama, “Endless Love”, where they would even kiss while buying groceries. As expected, the drama wrapped up its filming with Sandrine and Will's wedding scene, and the bride and groom kissed passionately while looking beautiful and handsome in their wedding gown and suit. But after the kiss, Sandrine suddenly realized that Will still had not recovered from his cold, so she scolded, “How come you didn’t take good care of yourself? You worry me!”

The filming to “Endless Love” lasted three months, and during the final scene, Will became teary while saying his dialogues – feeling reluctant to bid farewell to the filming crew. When Sandrine was asked if she would miss Will, she laughed, “Maybe! But probably not for long, and maybe I’ll stop missing him after tomorrow.” Upon hearing this, Will immediately rolled his eyes.

In addition to kissing scenes, there were also many crying scenes in the drama. Will had even once asked Director Lin He Long to give him a scolding in order to get into the mood of crying. Since Will has decreased his number of retakes tremendously compared to his last drama (Miss No Good), he successfully rid himself of the “King of NGs (retakes)” title.

Source: Libertytimes

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