Random Chat (#2)

Happy weekend, wonderful readers!  Here's our second edition of Random Chat!  What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a make-out scene between two Da Mouth members that doesn't include the hot Aisha.  Instead, you do get DJ Chung Hwa and MC 40!  Gotta love how Harry doesn't really care.  Anyway, just like last week's edition, feel free to let loose on your Mandopop interests.  Keep it clean and not too silly, obviously.

Not much to update in the CpopAccess universe.  Our recap writers have been wonderful with their last several recaps, and our sister site over at Sublimes Fansubs have done a fine job once again with their latest Gloomy Salad Days fansubbing project.  Don't forget to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings over on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Last Week's Poll Result:

On the first day of the poll, Extravagant Challenge had jumped way ahead of Absolute Boyfriend, and even much further from Hayate the Combat Butler.  In the end though, Hayate fans got the last word in as they poured all their support for their series with an overwhelming 68% majority over Extravagant's 17% and Absolute's 14%.  Guess there's either a lot of closet George Hu or Park Shin-Hye fans out there.

Winner: Hayate the Combat Butler (starring Park Shin-hye)!

Song of the Week:

So Justin Bieber continues to get a ton of love from the kiddies and a ton of hate from the non-kiddies in the western music world, which got me thinking: who is Mandopop's Bieber?  Well, there really isn't anyway (thankfully), but before he recently turned 18 and became a star in his own right as a young adult, Kris Shen was pretty up there.  And one of his best songs can be found below.  It's amazing that he was still high school-age when he shot that MV.  Dude totally looks like a college student macking on a high schooler.  I'm just saying.

Kris Shen - Coming of Age Love Confession 半成年告白

Poll of the Week:

Since there was not enough Wu Chun love after his upcoming Absolute series got the least votes in last week's poll, let's give him some love with a poll entirely about him!  No matter who you choose in this week's poll, Wu Chun will still be the winner.  Am I right?

Which Wu Chun pairing do you like the most?

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